Executive and Professional Development

Applying Strategic Thinking

This two-day seminar is for managers and employees responsible for developing, implementing or participating in strategic initiatives or projects within an organization. This seminar will enable you to identify and develop practical strategic and innovative thinking; you will have tools immediately applicable to the work environment.

The focus of this seminar is to help individuals understand how to develop stronger alignment between personal and organizational strategy. It will cover the entire strategic process. Starting with identifying your organization's strategic plan and then understanding the strategic thinking that went into the development of the plan. Followed by creating an understanding of how to apply the concepts of strategic thinking to your day-to-day activities, identifying tools to embed innovative and strategic thought within your organization and utilizing the tools learned to enhance your work environment.

Applying Strategic Thinking is an elective seminar for the Certificate in Skills for New Managers.

DATES – 2 Day Seminar

December 16 - 17, 2019
April 8 - 9, 2020

Facilitator: Matt MacPhee, MSc.
Location: Saint Mary's University at 1800 Argyle Street 8th Floor Halifax NS


Program Content

Organizational Strategic Thinking

  • Examine the process that goes into developing an overall strategy
  • Understanding implications of an organizational strategy
  • Establishing and understanding the organization's value proposition
  • Understanding strategic statements (Vision Statement and Mission Statement)
  • Enhanced innovation through strategic thinking
  • Evaluating strategic visioning and critical success factors for an organization
  • Implementing the Porter's Five Forces Model on a macro and micro level

Personal Strategic Thinking

  • Apply what you learn from strategic thinking at an organizational level to your current position within the organization
  • Developing a personal assessment, focusing on areas of strength and weakness
  • Personal SWOT and gap analysis
  • Personal vision and mission using the process of long and short term goal setting
  • Challenges in personal visioning
  • Implementing personal strategic thinking through leadership and management
  • Aligning personal strategic plan with the organizational strategic plan

What You Will Learn

  • Strategic planning on a personal and organizational level
  • How to develop and apply strategic thinking concepts
  • How to develop a personal strategic plan
  • An improved understanding of how strategic thinking can be leveraged to increase successful outcomes in the workplace
  • How to streamline organizational and personal strategic alignment

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • want to enhance job satisfaction
  • want to strengthen your role within your organization
  • want to develop a personal and professional plan for the future
  • are involved in the development or implementation of projects