Accounting Achievement Award - Application Form

Part 1 – Award Information

The Faculty of the Department of Accounting have initiated and funded four annual Awards. These awards are designed to recognize the performance of our Accounting Majors who have demonstrated an outstanding personal commitment to support, and who have “breathed life” into, elements of the mission of the Sobey School of Business.

The mission indicates that the Sobey School of Business, through active learning and the creation and mobilization of scholarship, prepares citizens of the world to lead sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and communities. This mission is supported by the Department of Accounting’s own Vision Statement that identifies similar key components of student success. Achievement Awards are available in each of the following three areas related to the vision of the Sobey School. Normally, one award is given in each category listed below:

  • Citizen of the World – an award will be given to the student who has demonstrated a commitment to preparing for the global business environment in the spirit of good citizenship.
  • Active Learning– an award will be given to the student who has actively engaged with study opportunities by demonstrating exemplary performance in a variety of applied and experiential learning activities available through the Sobey School of Business.
  • Demonstrated Leadership – an award will be given to the student who has made a difference, showing initiative and responsibility by helping others create shared value.


In addition, the Nicola Young Financial Accounting Award is available to a deserving student.
  • Nicola Young Financial Accounting Award – an award will be given to a student who has demonstrated a particular interest and strength in financial accounting and reporting. Evidence of an understanding of the importance of excellence in public sector (governments and government organizations) financial reporting and/or a desire to work in this sector would also be considered an asset.


Award Requirements

To be eligible students would normally have:


  • Declared Accounting as their Major and have completed at least 90 credit hours toward their BComm degree,
  • Earned a minimum GPA of 3.3 in all accounting courses completed at the time of the application,
  • Completed ACCT 3323, 3335, 3350 and 3351

Candidates should submit a two-page essay explaining how they deserve to be considered under one of the four areas indicated above, and convincingly tell us about experiences that make them proud of their role as a Santamarian. Applicants are also required to arrange for two separate confidential recommendations from individuals, including one faculty member, preferably in Accounting, who can attest to their exemplary performance. Finally, applicants are expected to provide a personal resumé.

Completed applications (see Part 2 – Accounting Achievement Award Application Form), the candidate’s essay, a copy of the candidate’s resumé, and the names of two references (see Part 3 – Referee Statement) must be received by November 15 each year by the Financial Aid & Awards Office, via the form below. Instructions for submission are found on Part 2, the Application Form and Part 3, the Referee Statement.

The two referees will be e-mailed the link to the referee form which can be submitted on-line or to the Financial Aid & Awards Office, at Enrolment Services, MM108 at Saint Mary’s University. Both referee forms must be received by November 30.  

Award selection is determined by the Financial Aid & Awards Office, based on the recommendations of an Accounting Achievement Award Review Committee appointed by the Dean of the Sobey School of Business.

Award winners will receive $1,000, a certificate of accomplishment, a notation on their university transcript, and public recognition at an official ceremony.

Part 2 – Application Form

Student Number: A

Given name(s):
Last name:

Preferred e-mail address:

Cell Phone:
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Local mailing address:

Accounting Major?      

Number of credit hours completed/expected to be completed by September 1, 2019:

Accounting cumulative GPA to September 1, 2019:

Grade on each required 3rd year accounting major course:

ACCT 3323
ACCT 3350
ACCT 3351
ACCT 3335

See Part 1 of the Accounting Achievement Award form for a description of each of the three Awards and identify which one you are applying for:

Paste your resumé:

Paste your two-page essay:

Names of your two referees (one must be a Sobey School faculty member):

  • Applications and all supporting materials must be completed and received by November 15, 2019.
  • Complete the Part 2 – Application Form (above), along with a copy of your resumé and your two-page essay and submit it to the Award Review Committee via the Submit button below.
  • When Part 2 of the Application form is submitted, a copy of your submission will be sent to your e-mail address for your own records, and a new form will appear. The new form requires you to supply the names and e-mail addresses of your two referees. When that form is submitted, your referees will receive by email a link to Part 3 of this online application, the Accounting Achievement Award Referee Form. If your external referee does not have access to e-mail, please contact the Financial Aid & Awards Office, in the Service Centre, MM108 at the University to obtain a paper copy of this form. The referees are required to submit their completed Referee Forms independently either by completing the online form or by mailing the paper copy to the address provided on the Referee Form. These must be received by November 30, 2019.