About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: CAID

 This is how the Centre for Academic and Instructional Development measures Service Excellence:


  1. Promoting and supporting an environment of professionalism and creativity
  2. Remaining current in our learning and teaching research and methodologies
  3. Ensuring CAID staff are well trained, respond promptly to inquiries and problem solve
  4. Posting and keeping a regular schedule in the Centre for Academic Technologies (CAT)


  1. Our programs and services are based on research and best practices in higher education.
  2. Our work with Faculty is grounded in disciplinary conventions and respectful of diversity (generational, cultural, gender, etc.).
  3. We work with academic departments and administrative offices in support of student engagement and success.
  4. We exhibit ethical and professional behaviour in all our interactions.
  5. We champion a campus culture that values, recognizes and rewards teaching.


  1. Consult with individual faculty in a supportive manner and hold the highest degree of confidentiality
  2. Use active listening to understand the clients’ needs
  3. Are conscious and sensitive to intercultural opportunities and challenges
  4. Provide a comfortable, safe and supportive environment
  5. Model collaborative and innovative approaches to teaching and learning


  1. Collaboration on initiatives in response to emergent trends in higher education
  2. Being responsible in our commitments
  3. Being timely in our responses to inquiries for support
  4. Our practice of intercultural dialogue and communication
  5. Conducting follow-up to ensure satisfaction and success


  1. Staff being friendly and providing excellent service
  2. Ensuring CAID offices, classroom and CAT lab are clean, cheerful and welcoming spaces
  3. CAID higher education resources collection (AT 106) being current and accessible
  4. CAT technology and equipment being up-to-date and in good working order
  5. CAT staff being knowledgeable about technology and equipment