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Procure to Pay Services (P2P)

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The Procure to Pay (P2P) division of Financial Services provides support to the university's operating units including all administrative departments, academic faculties and ancillary operations on matters relating to the acquisition and payment of goods and services. With the goal of streamlining operations and optimizing value, the P2P division is responsible to initiate the procurement processes within established guidelines, provide advice through the selection process, and to facilitate all forms of payment.

Led by the manager, Wendy Zegray, the team manages a wide range of supply contracts and procurement solicitation requests (RFP / tender requests, etc.), prepares university purchase orders (PO), processes payment requests and expense claims, and administers the university’s purchasing card (P-card) program.

The P2P division also co-ordinates the distribution of mail and incoming materials and manages the in-house print shop. 

To support sustainable business initiatives we are now paying our vendors by direct deposit. Please complete the direct deposit vendor information form and attach a void cheque or bank-issued account information and forward to Procure to Pay Services.

If you are a vendor providing supplies and services to Saint Mary's University that qualifies as a small supplier for HST/GST purposes and you do not charge these taxes, you must complete the Declaration of Small Supplier for HST purposes form.  The completed form must be returned to P2P. (Information on small suppliers can be found on the CRA website.)

As a visiting professor, consultant or trainer to our internal university community, you may be reimbursed for some or all of your expenses with prior approval.  Please review our Financial Services policies on travel in advance of your business on campus. You will be required to complete an Expense Report SMU  for reimbursement. (Instructions and a sample can be viewed online.)

Our mailing address is:

Saint Mary's University, Procure to Pay Services, 923 Robie Street, Halifax, NS  B3H 3C3

If you need assistance at any time please call 902-420-5054 for a member of the P2P team.

Internal university community please visit  smuport for access to internal forms and information.  


A complete  staff listing can be FinancialServicesTelephoneListing.


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