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SMU team uses new technology to uncover old secrets

25 April, 2016

Today, picturesque Lunenburg couldn’t be more peaceful—but in the 18th century, the town was ready for battle, surrounded by forts, gun batteries, and blockhouses. This military infrastructure helped Lunenburg survive three wars between 1753 and 1813. Though most of the early military architecture is long gone, archaeologists are now using new technologies, from geophysics to aerial laser scanning, to uncover this lost heritage.

CBC story on Lunenburg Archaeology‌Recently, Saint Mary’s University Anthropology professors Dr. Henry Cary and Dr. Jonathan Fowler, and a team of Saint Mary’s Anthropology students, have been conducting a geophysical survey of the area near Lunenburg Academy. They believe they may have found evidence of long-buried remains of one of the town’s original British forts, a discovery that could shed new light on life in 18th-century Nova Scotia.