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Saint Mary’s alumna receives Rotary International Fellowship

16 June, 2016

Kalina McCaul

Saint Mary’s university alumna Kalina McCaul is the recipient of a Rotary International Fellowship in Peace Education. The fellowship and accompanying scholarship to one of the Rotary Peace Centres is awarded to no more than 100 individuals around the world annually.

“I have dreamt about applying to the Rotary International Fellowship since I began my studies in peace and conflict resolution at Saint Mary’s,” she said “It’s such a privilege to have been selected.

McCaul graduated from Saint Mary’s in 2009 Magna Cum Laude with a BA Political Science with an honours in International Relations. She said that her time at Saint Mary’s helped prepare her for the fellowship in many ways, including studying in Hong Kong as part of the Study Abroad program, delivering peace education in Northern Ireland with the Northern Ireland Peaceful Schools Initiative, the Model United Nations Program and being involved with the Women’s Centre and SMU Journal.

“I gained a breadth of knowledge in the topics I was most passionate about as professors allowed me to direct my research accordingly, regardless of what class I took; from Poetry to International Relations I focused on gender and women’s issues, conflict, education, and global perspectives.”

Although McCaul has been interested in the fellowship program for so long she wanted to wait to apply until she felt she had ample work and volunteer experience. Since 2009 she has worked with the Canadian Red Cross and just recently returned from Fort McMurray. She also worked with Mines Action Canada in Nepal in 2013.

Through the fellowship McCaul will attend Uppsala University in Sweden where she will work toward a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies. She said that she chose to study at Uppsala because the research interests of the faculty members aligned with her own, and the Peace & Conflict Studies Department is world renowned.

“I am excited for the opportunities the Fellowship will provide for my future career. My career objectives are to work with development agencies to design educational, rights-based programming to be used in conflict and post-conflict settings. I value education as a tool for creating space for dialogue and critical reflection, both essential components in peace-building.”

Between 2002 and 2015 32 Canadians have completed the Rotary International Fellowship, including one that completed an MA at Uppsala. Seven Canadians were awarded the fellowship this year with two (McCaul included) from Atlantic Canada. Prior to this year three fellows had been chosen from Atlantic Canada since the program began in 2002.