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Dr. Karly Kehoe elected to the Executive Committee of the Global Young Academy (GYA)

10 June, 2016

Dr. Karly Kehoe Dr. Karly Kehoe, Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Communities, was elected to the Executive Committee of the Global Young Academy (GYA) during its Annual General Meeting at Eindhoven in the Netherlands on May 29.

The GYA is an international academy of leading young scientists from around the world. It embraces all disciplines, from humanities to natural sciences, and has 200 members from 54 countries. GYA members are among the most active in their fields and use collaborative and interdisciplinary research to benefit society.

Dr. Kehoe was first appointed to the Academy in 2015.

“It's a wonderful opportunity to work with colleagues from around the world to demonstrate the value of interdisciplinary research and collaboration,” says Dr. Kehoe, who recently contributed to the GYA report “Fresh Eyes on the Refugee Crisis,” recommending solutions to the pressing concerns facing European and global policymakers—including the EU and the UN—over social, legal, and economic integration of refugees. She was the only Canadian among the report’s 22 contributors.

She currently leads the Landscapes and Lifescapes project, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The project brings together academics (historians, geographers and archaeologists), archivists, librarians and community researchers to explore the links between development in the historic Scottish Highlands and the Caribbean. Phase I was funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and focused on the Scottish Highlands; Phase II will incorporate the links that Scottish Highland and Irish diasporas in Atlantic Canada had with the Caribbean, and the economy that revolved around plantation slavery.