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International nuclear physics conference held at Saint Mary’s

18 July, 2016

Dreb Conference group shot

Saint Mary’s University is proud to have hosted DREB 2016, the ninth international conference on Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams. Held in Canada for the first time, it attracted an international group of nuclear physicists who specializing in rare isotope science.

Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, President and Vice-Chancellor of Saint Mary’s University gave an opening address to attendees from the U.S, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, China, Uzbekistan and Canada. 

 “The event was an honour for the university and a tremendous exposure for the students,” said Rituparna  Kanungo, Professor of Physics at Saint Mary’s and co-chair of the conference organizing committee. 

“The subject of the conference is exploration of isotopes that are at heart of  matter in the universe,” explained Kanungo. “Isotopes are fundamental to our existence. They make up everything around us including ourselves. Some ofthem even find use in treating our diseases such as cancer.” 

The program focused on the latest experimental and theoretical research and developments in nuclear reactions with exotic nuclei.

Presentation topics included exotic structures through direct reactions, shell evolution through direct reactions, spectroscopy of nuclear levels and nuclear shapes through direct reactions and new instrumentation for direct reaction studies of exotic nuclei. 

“It was a good occasion to introduce to the world-wide community the capacity of Saint Mary's University in international research,” said Kanungo.

The conference, held in Halifax in July, was jointly organized by Saint Mary’s University, Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne, USA) and TRIUMF (Vancouver, Canada).