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Homburg personal trainer reaches 10,000 hour milestone

2 August, 2016

Robert Brownell

Robert Brownell, a long-time personal trainer at the Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness reached an impressive milestone this month by delivering his 10,000th hour of personal training sessions at Saint Mary’s University.

“Reaching this milestone gives me a real sense of pride,” said Brownell. “You work hard with your clients and you want to offer them a great service.  You want to help them.  When you hit 10,000 personal training sessions, and your clientele are satisfied with your service, it is very fulfilling.”

Brownell began working at what was then known as The Tower in 1998, but his experience in fitness training began well before that. His career in fitness instruction began as a Physical Education teacher and as a certified practitioner with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He had a nine-year affiliation Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic where he trained Olympic and Paralympic athletes and many Canada Games athletes. He has also worked with all levels of hockey players including athletes from the East Coast League, Quebec Major Junior League, American Hockey League and National Hockey League.

During his time at Saint Mary’s not only has Brownell provided personal training sessions to a large cross section of the Saint May’s community, but he has also worked with the men’s and women’s soccer teams, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and the football team.

“When I began working at what was then The Tower in 1998 my clientele included mostly young professionals and today it has expanded to include students and seniors,” Brownell said. “Over these years awareness of personal training and fitness in general has increased, and now we have a wonderful facility – the Homburg Centre.”

Kathy MacFarlane, Operations Managers with Athletics and Recreation said that Brownell truly deserves recognition for his achievement and for setting such a great example  for the students who use the Homburg Centre.

“Robert is the ultimate professional and we are so pleased to have him as part of our team,” she said.

Brownell says what he most enjoys about providing personal training is working with people and helping them not only get stronger and maintain a better physical condition but also help them reach their own goals. Helping people reach their own achievements has paved the way for him to reach his own achievement of the 10,000th hour mark.

“As with most practices, personal training is truly life-long learning and although some concepts have not changed, there are always new ways of doing things, or research that shows something may be more effective,” he said.  “I spend considerable time searching out information to best serve my clients. It is a privilege to work with my clients and I would like to thank them.”