Conference Services


Classrooms booked through Conference Services when not in use by academic classes include:

Atrium (A): 101, 216, 217, 306
Burke (B): Theatre A, Theatre B, 201, 218, 221
Loyola (L): 170, 171, 173-179, 181, 186-188, 269, 271, 273-277, 281, 282, 283, 296, 297
Sobey (SB): 152, 153, 158-160, 255, 260, 265
McNally East (ME): 104, 105, 107, 108, 110, 111
McNally Main (MM): 209, 211, 223, 224, 227, 326, 335
McNally North (MN): 219, 519
Team Work Room* Loyola - 166, 266-267, 280A to H
Sobey - 154, 157, 162, 262, 263
* no bookings required, see student booking info.


Loyola: Colonnade
  Conference Hall (L290)
  Dockside Dining Hall
  Private Dining Room (L298)
Sobey: Fourth Floor Executive Area
  Scotiabank Conference Theatre (SB201)
  Second Floor Lobby Area
  Secunda Marine Boardroom (SB401)
McNally: Theatre Auditorium (MM113)
Burke: First Floor Lobby
Student Centre: Student Centre Cafeteria
Oaks: Sunroom
  Outdoor Garden
Atrium: CLARI (AT340)

Departmental Meeting Rooms


  • Floor 2
    Rooms  205, 207
    Ext. 5737


  • Floor 1
    Library  Ext. 5534


  • Floor 1
    Art Gallery
    Art Gallery
    Ext. 5445
  • Chapel (L145)
    Chaplaincy Services
    Ext. 5502

McNally East

  • Floor 1
    Faculty Lounge
    Conference Services
    Ext. 5055

McNally Main

  • Floor 2
    Main Boardroom
    VP Academic & Research
    Ext. 5408
  • Floor 3
    Rooms 302C, 302D, 307
    Psychology Department
    Ext. 5836


  • Dean of Science Boardroom
    Dean of Science
    Ext. 5494
  • Floor 3
    Room 310
    Environmental Studies
    Ext. 8148


  • Floor 2
    Room 225
    Dean of Commerce
    Ext. 5422
  • Sobey Floor 3
    Room 324
    Economics Department
    Ext. 5671

Student Centre

  • Floor 1
    Gorsebrook Lounge
    SMUSA, Operations Manager
    Ext. 8703
  • Floor 5
    Ozmon Boardroom
    Ext. 8701

Homburg Centre

  • All Facilities
    Athletics & Recreation
    Ext. 5440

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Computer Labs

All requests (academic, non-credit, other internal and external) should be directed to the Conference Services Department at 902-420-5055 or by email at

Labs are located:

  • McNally East - 011
  • Loyola - 182, 278
  • Sobey - 155

Patrick Power Library

General Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Detailed exam period and holiday schedules are available at the Library.

The Library provides common study areas and private study rooms that can be booked by two or more students at the Ciculation counter.

Team Work Rooms

Listed below are the conditions for the use of a team work room:

  • Are available on a first-come first-serve basis, up to a maximum of three hours per group.
  • Most Team Work Rooms are available each day from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, 7 days a week. No reservations/bookings are required. Some Team Work Rooms will be used for academic class work; please check bulletin boards outside of rooms for availability.
  • Are designed for use of more than one individual, not for personal study rooms. Rooms are monitored.
  • No food or beverages are permitted.
  • When using room, you take responsibility for the room and its contents. You are expected to leave the facility as it was found.
  • Saint Mary's University is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Any items left behind in all Team Work Room, even momentarily, will be deemed lost and found and removed from the room immediately.
  • Should a room be left in an unacceptable state or failure to adhere to the conditions can result in suspension in use of facilities, and/or your dean notified and/or a cleaning fee.

Team Work Rooms:


1st Floor

  • L 166

2nd Floor

  • L 266
  • L 267
  • L 280 A to H


1st Floor

  • SB 154
  • SB 157
  • SB 162

2nd Floor

  • SB 262
  • SB 263

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Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness

The Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness has a number of facilities to rent for sporting events, meetings, conferences and trade shows. Contact Linda Gould, Facility Scheduler, Athletics & Recreation at 902-420-5440 for complete information on renting/usage of facilities.

Huskies Stadium
Huskies Stadium is an artificial playing surface with football, soccer and field hockey lines. It is surrounded by a 400m rubber surfaced track with 7 lanes. There is fixed seating of 2500. Press box and scoreboard available with rental.

The gymnasium has a maximum seating capacity of 1300 with bleachers open. It is a wooden maple floating floor with 2 basketball courts, 4 volleyball courts or 6 badminton courts. Any activity that is not of a sporting nature requires that the tarp be laid to protect the playing surface.

Alumni Arena
Alumni arena is the home of the SMU Hockey Huskies and the Camp of Champions Hockey Schools. The arena is open for ice rentals August - April. The arena can be heated upon request.

Court Area
The Court area is comprised of 4 international squash courts. The courts have an upper viewing area accessible through the second floor entry. There is fixed seating for 75 people on bleachers, in the court area.

Courtside Lounge
The Courtside Lounge overlooks Huskies Stadium and has a split level outdoor patio suitable for summer barbecues. The room has a full bar and catering facilities which are operated solely by Aramark. It is suitable for boardroom meetings, banquets, receptions, press conferences and classroom style set-ups. This room has soft seating for up to 80 people.

VIP Lounge
The VIP Lounge is carpeted and has soft seating for up to 20 people. It is suitable for boardroom and stand-up receptions.

Group Fitness Room
The group fitness room is primarily used for fitness programs and active living dances. It has a free floating hardwood floor that absorbs shock and minimizes stress on the joints.

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