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InBalance Wellness Program

Health & Wellness isn’t only about making healthy food choices and staying active.  Our model includes 8 components for a holistic approach to inspire individuals and our stakeholders to learn about holistic health and wellness. We want to help individuals develop and maintain healthy habits, understand the impact of their choices, and support their individual endeavours and journeys.

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Our model encompasses many aspects of well-being, including:

  • intellectual
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • social
  • financial
  • occupational
  • emotional
  • environmental

The University is committed to fostering healthy lifestyles among its students, staff, faculty, and community. We are working to develop new programming and resources to help you meet your health goals.

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Health and Wellness at Saint Mary's

We invite you to explore this website to find out how you can get involved! We need YOU! Everyone has gifts and talents. Please contact us at hr@smu.ca (902) 420-5564 to see how you can get involved with the new initiatives.

To request the use of our Integrated Wellness Suite, please fill out the form.

Active Living Campaign

Active Living is an approach to life that values and includes physical activity in everyday living. Active living is not the same as an exercise program. Active living means making physical activity part of everyday life no matter what you do.

There are many opportunities to be active at work, school, home, and during leisure time.

Read more about our Active Living Campaign‌.

Physical Activity Challenge

Begin the challenge by using the toolkit below. Included in this manual are: tracking forms, pedometer information, conversion charts, an activity planner and more.

Routes around Campus

Walking is a quick and easy way to add more physical activity to your work day. To make it even more convenient, we have created a booklet of walking routes around Saint Mary's Campus. The routes vary in distance so you can go for a short 15 minute walk on your morning break, or a longer 30 minute walk at lunch time. Switching up your route is a great way to keep things fun and fresh!

Click to view the RouteBook. If the route you walk is not included, feel free to share it with us.