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G. Annual Student Expenses

G1. Tuition, Ancillary Fees, Room and Board, and Other Expenses

To complete a four-year degree program on time, each year students should complete 30 credit hours (ten three-credit courses). Here are examples of costs in 2016-17, in Canadian dollars, for a student taking a full-course load of 30 credit hours in a Bachelor of Arts degree:

Please note that this table does not include living expenses.

  Domestic International
Tuition Fees* $6,860- $7,200 $14,750
Ancillary Fees $1,228- $1,428 $1,228- $1428
Books & Supplies** $1,800 $1,800
Total $9,888 - $10,228 $17,778- $17, 978

* Nova Scotia Bursary rebate of $128.30 for NS students per 3-credit course has been accounted for in the domestic tuition fees.  Ancillary fees include only charges that all full-time students must pay that are not included in tuition (e.g. campus renewal, copyright, Metro Transit Bus Pass, health and dental, Student Association or activity fees). More information at:  Tuition and Fees.

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