Jennifer VanderBurgh

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Book Reviews

Vanderburgh Jennifer. (2009)"New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial Models for Digital Art", Visual Studies 1:25, 107-108
VanderBurgh Jennifer. (2009)"Quebec Cinema", Quebec Studies 32, 146-48
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VanderBurgh Jennifer. (2005)"Hollywood North: The Feature Film Industry in British Columbia", Hollywood North: The Feature Film Industry in British Columbia, Canadian Journal of Film Studies 13:2 , 111-13


Vanderburgh J.. "What Media Remember: Archives and Footprints of Media in Toronto" (Winter - 2017)

Journal Articles

Vanderburgh J., Byers Michele. "Trafficking (in) the Archive: Canada, Copyright, and the Study of Television", English Studies in Canada 36:1 (Spring - 2010), 109-126
Vanderburgh J.. "Nomad Detectives: How the Cell Phone Changed TV Crime Shows"", In progress NA (Winter - 2009), NA
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VanderBurgh Jennifer. "Ghostbusted! Popular Perceptions of English Canadian Cinema", Canadian Journal of Film Studies 12:2 (Fall - 2004), 81-98

Other Publications

Vanderburgh Jennifer. "Ron Mann"
Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film (Winter - 2006)