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Goran Stanivukovic, Professor of English, specializes in early modern English literature, prose romance, Ovid, the Mediterranean, Shakespeare, queer early modern studies, cultural studies, and the intersection of contemporary fiction and the Renaissance. His monograph, Knights in Arms: Prose Romance, Masculinity, and Eastern Mediterranean Trade in Early Modern England, 1565-1655, was published by University of Toronto Press in 2016. His edited volumes, Remapping the Mediterranean World in Early Modern English Writings was published by Palgrave in 2017, Prose Fiction and Early Modern Sexualities in England, 1570-1640, with Constance Relihan, was published by Palgrave in 2003, Ovid and the Renaissance Body, was published by University of Toronto Press in 2001, and his critical edition of Emanuel Forde’s romance, Ornatus and Artesia, was published by Dovehouse in 2003. His other explorations of Shakespeare, romance, non-Shakespearean drama and poetry, gender and sexuality in the Renaissance include the articles and book chapters in journals such as Textual Practice, Philological Quarterly, ELR, Shakespeare, English Studies, Forum for Modern Language Studies, Studia Neophilologica, as well as in peer-reviewed collections from University of Illinois Press, Oxford University Press, University of Delaware Press, Edinburgh University Press, Palgrave, Routledge, Bloomsbury, Greenwood, and Ashgate.


Teaching and research areas: English Renaissance drama and non-dramatic literature, tragedy, romance, the sonnet, the epic, early modern theatre, tragedy, Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Edmund Spenser, Sir Philip Sidney, Ovid, classical and early modern rhetoric and dialectic, early modern Mediterranean, travel writing, masculinity, literature and visual arts, queer early modern studies, queer theory, transhistoricism and temporality, contemporary British fiction, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Sigmund Freud


Ph.D., English Literature, University of Belgrade, 1992
Doctoral Research Student, English, The Shakespeare Institute, The University of Birmingham, 1989
M.A., English Literature, University of Belgrade, 1987
B.A., English Literature, University of Novi Sad, 1985

Academic Work Experience

2011 - Present, Full Professor of English Literature, Saint Mary's University
2011 - 2013, Marie Curie International Research Fellow, School of English, University College Cork
2009 - 2010, Acting Chair, Department of English, Saint Mary's University
2005 - 2007, Lecturer in Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature (Full time), School of English, University of Sheffield
2004 - 2005, Chair, Department of English, Saint Mary's University
2003 - 2010, Associate Professor of English Literature (tenured), Saint Mary's University
2002 - Present, Adjunct Professor, Graduate Program in English, Dalhousie University
1999 - 2002, Assistant Professor, Department of English (tenure track), Saint Mary's University
1999 - 2002, Assitant Professor, Department of English (tenure trck), Saint Mary's University
1998 - 1999, Chair, School of Arts and Letters, Cape Breton University
1997 - 1999, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages and Letters (tenure track), Cape Breton University
1995 - 1997, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages and Letters (full time, term limited), Cape Breton University
1994 - 1995, Sessional lecturer, Department of English, The University of Calgary
1993 - 1993, Visiting Lecturer, Department of English and American Literature, University of Cologne


2012 - Present, International Comparative Literature Association
2009 - Present, International Shakespeare Association
2000 - Present, International Shakespeare Association
1997 - Present, Renaissance Society of America
1995 - Present, Modern Language Association of America
1995 - Present, Shakespeare Association of America
1995 - Present, Association of the Canadian University and College Teachers of English


The President’s Annual Award for Research Excellence Saint Mary’s University - 2009
The Calvin and Rose G. Hoffman Prize for Distinguished Work on Christopher Marlowe The Marlowe Price - 2008
Allan D. Breck Award Conference of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association - 1996

Teaching: Course / Program Development

2010/03 - 2012/03, Teaching at University of College Cork
2004/03 - 2006/03, Teaching at University of Sheffield
1998/03 - Present, Teaching at Saint Mary's University
1994/03 - 1998/03, Teaching at the Cape Breton University
1993/03 - 1994/03, Teaching at The University of Calgary
1993/02 - 1994/01, Teaching at The University of Cologne

Scholarly Contributions

Book Reviews

Stanivukovic Goran. (2015)"“Behind the Curtain.” Review of Simon Palfrey, Shakespeare’s Possible Worlds (Cambridge UP, 2014) and Poor Tom (Chicago, 2014)", Times Literary Supplement 5834:Winter edition (23rd January 2015), 22
Stanivukovic Goran. (2013)"Review of Maggie Kilgour, Milton and the Metamorphosis of Ovid (Oxford UP, 2012)", Review of English Studies 264:64, 154-156
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Stanivukovic Goran. (2008)"Review of Sybille Baumbach, Let Me Behold Thy Face: Physiognomik und Gesichtshlektüren in Shakespeares Tragödien (Universitätsverlag C. Winter, 2007)", Renaissance Quarterly 2:61, 691-692
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Stanivukovic Goran. (2003)"Review of Boika Sokolova and Alexander Shurbanov, Painting Shakespeare Red ", Shakespeare Quarterly 2:54, 230-32
Traub Valerie, Stanivukovic Goran. (2002)"Book Review of Valerie Traub, The Renaissance of Lesbianism in Early Modern England", The Journal of Homosexuality 3:12, 501-3
Stanivukovic Goran. (2002)"Book Review of Nico Ricci, Testament, A Sinister Jesus", Times Literary Supplement 1:25
Stanivukovic Goran. (2001)"Book Review of Lynn Enterline, The Rhetoric of the Body from Ovid to Shakespeare", Renaissance and Reformation 1:25, 106-8
Stanivukovic Goran. (1999)"Book Review of Vesna Goldsworthy, Inventing Ruritania: The Imperialism of Imagination", Ariel 1:33, 206-209

Journal Articles

Stanivukovic G, Goodwin Adrian. "Gaveston in Ireland: Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II and the Casting of Queer Brotherhood", Textual Practice (Spring - 2015)
Stanivukovic G. "Portrait Miniature Painting, the Young Man of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and Late Elizabethan Aesthetics", English Studies 95:4 (Spring - 2014), 367-391
Stanivukovic G. "Earliest Shakespeare: Bombast and Authenticity", Belgrade English Language and Literary Studies 6 (Spring - 2014), 131-155
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Stanivukovic Goran. "The city’s usuries’: Commerce and Cymbeline", Quidditas: Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association 19 (Winter - 2001), 229-44


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Stanivukovic Goran. "Kepler in the Rear-View Mirror: Postmodernism and the Curriculum in Arts and Sciences", Invited Lecture (Spring - 1998)

Editorial Work

Stanivukovic Goran. (Ed.) (2013) Shakespeare and the New Aestheticism: Space, Style, and Text.

Other Publications

Stanivukovic Goran. "Knights in Arms: Masculinity, Prose Romance, and Fictions of Eastern Mediterranean Trade in Early Modern England, 1565-1655 " (Fall - 2015)
Stanivukovic Goran. "“Shakespeare in Serbia”, "
The Greenwood Shakespeare Encyclopedia: Life, Work, and Legacy, gen. ed. Patricia Parker (forthcoming) (Fall - 2015)
Stanivukovic Goran, Vitkus Daniel. "“Shakespeare and the Mediterranean” "
The Greenwood Shakespeare Encyclopedia: Life, Work, and Legacy, gen. ed. Patricia Parker (forthcoming) (Fall - 2015)
Stanivukovic Goran. "Shakespeare’s Early Styles"
Monograph in preparation for Cambridge UP (Fall - 2015)
Stanivukovic Goran. "English Renaissance Tragedy, co-authored with James H. Cameron"
In preparation for Edinburgh UP (Fall - 2015)
Stanivukovic Goran. "Romance Writing in English Literature (1340-1940)"
Edited volume of essays for McGill-Queen’s University Press (Fall - 2015)
Stanivukovic G. "Remapping the Mediterranean World in Early Modern English Writings, New York and Houndsmills" (Winter - 2007)

Service: Institutional Committees

University Board of Governors, 2014/03 - None (Member)
Faculty of Arts Curriculum Committee, 2011/03 - None (Member)
Faculty of Arts Student Advising Committee, 2008/03 - 2010/03 (Member)
University Senate, 2007/03 - 2010/03 (Member)
Saint Mary’s University—Giessen University Partnership and Exchange Committee, 2007/03 - 2009/03 (Member)
Department of English, 2007/03 - 2008/03 (Acting Chair)
University Budget Committee, 2007/03 - 2009/03 (Member)
Faculty of Arts Executive Committee, 2007/03 - 2009/03 (Member)

Service: Professional or Disciplinary

Organizer (Conference and Research Seminar), Queer Shakespeare”, research seminar at the Shakespeare Association of America 2014/03 - 2014/03
Organizer (Conference and Research Seminar), “Romance: Places, Times, Modes”, international conference, University College Cork 2012/01 - 2012/01
Organizer (Conference and Research Seminar), “Sources and Directions in Shakespeare”, international conference, University College Cork, 2011/01 - 2011/01
Co-Organizer (Conference and Research Seminar), “Queering Ireland” (co-organized with Séan Kennedy), Saint Mary’s University, Halifax 2009/01 - 2009/01
Organizer (Conference and Research Seminar), “The 1590s Style”, Research Seminar at the Shakespeare Association of America, Washington 2008/03 - 2008/03
Peer member of adjudicating panel, Committee for International Conferences, Congresses, and Workshops. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada 2008/03 - 2009/03
External Peer Reviewer , Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Standard Research Grants and Conference Grants) 2001/03 - 2009/03
Press reader, Various Publishers 1994/03 - Present
Assessor for journal article submissions , Various Journals 1994/03 - Present
External assessor of applications for tenure and promotion to Associate and Full professors, Various Universities 1994/03 - Present