Institute for Computational Astrophysics

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Research Papers In Preparation and Submitted

(SMUICA-14-126) Dressler, A., Martin, C.L, Henry, A., Sawicki, M., & McCarthy, P., “Confirmation of a Steep Faint-End Slope of Faint Lyα Emitters at z=5.7: A Major Component of Reionization”, 2014, ApJ, submitted

(SMUICA-14-125) Morgan, R. J., Windhort, R. A., Scannapieco, E., & Thacker R. J., “Observing and Analyzing images from a simulated high redshift universe”, 2014, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, submitted

(SMUICA-14-124) Sorba, Robert & Sawicki, Marcin, “Missing Stellar Mass in SED Fitting”, 2014, MNRAS submitted

(SMUICA-12-121) Sorba, R. & Sawicki, M., "On the stellar masses of high-redshift galaxies", 2012, in preparation