Campus Life

Welcome Week marks the beginning of your life at Saint Mary’s

As a new student, you will enjoy a Welcome Week filled with social events and educational activities designed to help you make connections with your fellow students, the residence or off-campus Saint Mary’s community, and faculty and professors.

Throughout Welcome Week, you will connect with support systems and resources, meet student leaders and members of the Saint Mary’s community, and participate in fun and safe events and activities.

The purpose of Welcome Week is to offer a variety of opportunities that set new students up for success, while being inclusive and reflecting the values and culture of the University.

Welcome Week helps you:

  • Achieve
  • Respect
  • Belong
  • Enjoy

Welcome Week at Saint Mary’s is the beginning of a series of successful transitions: social, academic, and for many, cultural. We recognize that not all of these transitions are complete after the first week, and as such, orientation is an on-going process that will include activities throughout the year.

Welcome Week Pack Leader Program

President Robert Summerby-Murray addresses Welcome Week Volunteers
President Robert Summerby-Murray thanks Welcome Week volunteers

Welcome Week Pack Leaders assist in creating a successful Welcome Week by serving as ambassadors of the university, sharing what they have learned as a university student, and helping new students with the transition to university life.

To learn more about becoming a Pack Leader during 2017 Welcome Week, please visit the SMUSA Volunteering page.