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March 2017

Newsletter written by: Waye Mason, Councillor - District 7 (Halifax South Downtown)

Update #8 - Taxis, Participatory Budgeting 2017, upcoming events, more


I am pleased to let residents know HRM is taking action to tighten standards for taxis. My motion was passed unanimously & I would like to share my introduction to that motion:

What citizens in HRM value is a taxi system that is safe for all. It is important that the public both know and feel the taxi system in HRM is safe. People should only be licensed to drive a cab if they contribute to the fact and perception of the public that the taxi system is safe for all, and not if the driver’s actions detract from that perception.

Taxi drivers have a duty of care, and must conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will maintain the good reputation of the taxi system and its ability to serve the public interest. The taxi system is a publicly regulated system, and no one has a right to a license. The grant of license is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. HRM must take every step to ensure that what citizens value is protected and the highest standards maintained.

The administration and oversight of licensing appeals, including taxi licenses, is technically difficult & beyond the training & experience of most Councillors. The process of license appeals should be reviewed & amended to reflect that.


Once again, I invite District 7 residents’ input on how to spend $94,000 in the community. The funds will be allocated using a Participatory Budgeting model whereby residents are invited to submit community project ideas and qualifying submissions are then voted on by the community.
The benefits of this process are that it encourages great ideas to come forward from local groups, builds community support and collaboration, and gives local residents a direct say in how they want the District 7 capital funds spent.
Participatory Budgeting Idea Swap
Tuesday, April 12, 2017 | 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Lindsay Children’s Room, Halifax Central Library
Everyone is welcome to discuss priorities and ideas on how to improve District 7. Find out more about submitting a project.
Proposal Submission Deadline
Midnight | Monday, May 15, 2017
Email to or by mail to Melody Campbell, Council Support Office, PO Box 1749 Halifax, NS B3J 3A5
Community Vote
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Lindsay Children’s Room, Halifax Central Library
District 7 residents of all ages are invited to vote on their favourite projects in person. Winners will be announced that night.

More info at


Halifax Regional Council
Tuesday, March 21 2017 10am | Halifax City Hall, Council chambers
Council agenda and reports are available by noon on the Friday prior to the Council meeting and can be found by visiting Please note: Case 18966 - Amendments to the Halifax MPS and Halifax Peninsular LUB for 6009 and 6017 Quinpool Road Halifax will be on the agenda for First Reading.

Halifax & West Community Council
Wednesday, March 22 2017 6pm | Halifax City Hall, Council Chambers
The next meeting of the Halifax & West Community Council will take place on Wednesday March 22, 2017 at 6pm in Halifax Council Chambers. Please visit for the upcoming agenda, previous minutes and reports.


Halifax Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
Sunday, March 12 2017 1pm | Lower Water St, Halifax
Join the Charitable Irish Society for their 10th annual Halifax Saint Patrick’s Day parade! The parade begins at 1pm and starts at Pier 21 on Terminal Road before travelling down Lower Water Street through Irishtown and finishing at Historic Properties. Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank will be collecting donations of cash and food. To register your group or team to march in the parade, visit

Bullies take the city – Halifax Bully Walk
Sunday, March 19 2017 1pm | Halifax Grand Parade
Join Halifax Bully Breeds for a group walk in the city – socialize, make new friends, exercise, and stand-up to bullying. For more information, please visit

Groundswell Music Festival
March 16-18, 2017 | Various locations around HRM
Groundswell Music Festival returns to Halifax to highlight the very best of Nova Scotia music and hospitality. The festival focuses on Nova Scotian music, food and drink and will feature performances by Rawlins Cross, The Stanfields, Ria Mae and in-Flight Safety. For more information, please visit

The Big 30th Sing in support of Phoenix's 30th year!
Monday, March 27th, 6:30 | St. Andrew's United Church

Make a night of it! Go for supper beforehand with a group of friends or colleagues; bring the kids; grab a coffee with new friends you'll meet after The Sing!  Song of the night is "let it be" - RSVP via email to or find the event on Facebook.
By donation: adults $20; kids 2-12 $10; kids under 2 free


Call my office
Call our office for assistance with your municipal issues. Contact my Constituency Coordinator Melody Campbell by phone 902-490-2012 or email melody.campbell@halifax.caor contact me directly. The best way to reach me is via email at my city email – waye.mason@halifax.caor you can call my direct line at 902-490-8462.

311 – HRM’s Call Centre
HRM’s call centre is open 7 days/week from 7 am to 11 pm to respond to routine inquiries and complaints from HRM residents. Please use this service since it helps HRM keep track of issues that are of concern for residents (missed solid waste pickup, sidewalks not cleared, transit info or complaints, etc.) For more information please visit

Regional Council Reports and Agendas
If you want to read reports coming to Regional Council (posted mid-day Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting) or to check the agenda please go to:

Halifax and West Community Council Reports and Agendas
Community Council meets on Tuesday evenings that alternate with Regional Council. Please check the webpage here for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations and times.

District 7&8 Planning Advisory Council Reports and Agendas
The District 7&8 Planning Advisory Committee meets once a month to discuss and provide feedback to council on planning proposals for the two districts. Please check the webpage for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations and times:


Transforming Our Neighbourhood One Street at A Time

Saint Mary’s University Centre for Housing & Residence Life is sending out a campus sized thank you to those residence TRASHFORMERS who swapped their Saturday morning sleep for street cleaning duty. Armed with pretty plastic gloves and blue T’s, this elite team of students can be seen strutting their stuff every Saturday morning from September to October, cleaning up litter along Inglis Street, Gorsebrook Avenue, Rogers Avenue, Tower Road, and Robie Street plus others.

Their reasons for giving up Saturday mornings go far beyond their room doors and they believe it is just one of many steps in the right direction of  “ giving back to the community “. Filling a bag of trash is only one goal the students achieve during their Saturday morning rituals.

All collected litter is also sorted and recycled according to HRM guidelines, providing students with the opportunity to promote recycling while giving back to the community.  Students also have a chance to chat and meet with local neighbors thus making neighbours aware that university students do more than just party over the weekend. Their efforts have a number of positive side effects on the surrounding neighborhoods such as:

  • Showing the community firsthand how working together can really make the community the best it can be.  
  • Allowing local neighbors to be part of an active clean solution     
  • Building confidence and changing attitudes and opinions of students throughout the community 

The Neighbourhood Committee Assistant for Trashformers encourages ALL SMU Students to join the team. Claiming that this experience “provided her with a better understanding of recycling, it is just one of many ways to socialize and create a strong bond with other students, and how easy it really is to give something back”.  The future of Trashformers looks to be bright, with the hopes to expand and start new projects, to raise more environmental sustainability awareness throughout the community and university campus, and to increase student participation.

Start taking pride in our shared neighbourhood today and enjoy the rewards. If you have any questions and/or comments please email us at  

What can I do to welcome my new neighbours?

Say hello! - Introduce yourself and your family;
Take the time to learn something about your new neighbours;
Try to imagine what it would be like to leave your home and move to a new place;
Take an interest in learning about other cultures and traditions;
Share a dish, a recipe or something from your garden;
Invite your neighbours for a coffee or a meal;
Organize a sport event, BBQ, a street party or a film night and involve your new
neighbours in the event;
Share with them places to visit, things to see, fun things to do and plan an outing
If you have kids encourage them to play together or walk to school together;
Let them know if there is a neighbourhood association or group they can join;
Answer questions about garbage pick-up, recycling, composting, seasonal home
decorating etc.;
Make them feel like they’re part of the community!

As always I welcome your feedback, positive or negative, and would be glad to meet with neighbours individually to hear any concerns.

Sarah Morris
Assistant Director, Student Services
902-420-5615 (Secretary), 902-420-5601 (Direct line)