The Counselling Centre

SMU Healthy Minds Team

The Saint Mary’s Healthy Minds Team is a group of student volunteers committed to raising awareness for mental health issues and promoting wellbeing on and off campus.

By working with The Counselling Centre and overseen by the Intake and Programs Coordinator, Bobbi Beuree, the Healthy Minds Team engages in student outreach, facilitates events to promote psychological wellness and educates peers on issues surrounding mental health. The goal of the team is to ensure that the Saint Mary’s community is sensitive towards the issues surrounding psychological wellness and are aware of the resources available to students who may be dealing with mental health issues.

By fostering a sense of community and acceptance on campus, the Healthy Minds Team aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and create an environment where conversations about mental wellbeing are open and welcomed.

All of the team’s volunteers are dedicated to the core ideals of the mission. They are passionate and educated student leaders who want to enact meaningful change to help their school community.

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The 2017-2018 Healthy Minds Team


Name: Shauna Beaton

Major: Psychology and Anthropology
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Shauna is in her third year studying Psychology and Anthropology through the Faculty of Arts, and has been a member of the Healthy Minds Team for 3 years. She is very involved on campus through our team as well as her job as a Residence Assistant and as an executive for the Psychology Society. However, her passion is helping others achieve a mentally healthy lifestyle and her end goal is Social Work.

Shauna has been hard at work planning events to make Saint Mary's a safe and enjoyable place for her peers. She looks forward to seeing the year unfold and seeing the effect that the Healthy Minds Team will have on students.



Name: Maeve Mulroy

Major: Psychology, Philosophy (Minor)
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Maeve is very excited for her final year at SMU, and will be graduating in May with a BA honours degree in psychology, and a minor in philosophy. She will be working at SMU this year as Career Services assistant and SMUSA board secretary, and she is also president of the SMU Drama Society. Maeve is passionate about promoting a mentally healthy lifestyle, especially among students and young people, and about combatting mental health stigma in her community. She hopes to learn and accomplish lots throughout her second year with the Healthy Minds Team, and to gain experience in preparation for a career in the field of psychology.



Name: Dylan Murphy

Major: Psychology

Dylan is a third year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology. This will be Dylan's second year working as a member of the Healthy Minds Team. He is also involved on campus through his work as a Residence Assistant. Following Saint Mary's he hopes to enter the field of Social Work (specifically as a Mental Health Worker). Dylan hopes to have a positive impact in making mental health and wellness a readily discussed topic at Saint Mary's and the surrounding community.



Name: Tessa O'Donnell

Major: Psychology

Tessa is in her fifth and final year of study as an Honours Psychology Student at Saint Mary's. She is an active member in the SMU community through her roles as Varsity Rugby Captain, Here 4 Peers Mentor, Student Leadership Recognition Award Recipient and most recently Healthy Minds Team Assistant. Tessa has been working with the Counselling Centre all summer to bring SMU students even more awesome programming around mental health. After graduating Tessa plans to pursue a career in Sport Psychology. Tessa hopes to continue the fantastic work the Healthy Minds Team has accomplished while supporting all the members of the team in her new leadership position.



Name: Nishka Rajesh

Major: Psychology

Nishka is in her fourth year of psychology in the faculty of Arts and hopes to graduate with an honors degree. She worked as a Resident Assistant for two years and is currently working as a Student Assistant at the Financial Aid and Awards office. She is also the president of the newly formed Community Food Room society. This is her first year with the Healthy Minds Team and she hopes to make an impact to help curb the stigma about talking about mental health.



Name: Phillip Harnanan

Major: Psychology

Philip is in his first year, both attending Saint Mary’s where he is studying Psychology, and is part of the Healthy Minds Team. He looks forward to helping make Saint Mary’s University an enjoyable and productive environment for students, helping to create an environment where everyone can do their best, both academically and socially. He hopes to help end the stigma surrounding mental health, and make university an experience to remember. 



Name: Madeleine Arseneau

Major: Psychology

Madeleine is in her third year, pursuing a major in Psychology. This is her first year with the Healthy Minds Team and she is very excited to spread awareness of mental health to her fellow classmates. Madeleine believes that through understanding comes acceptance and the ability to reconcile with any obstacle that students may encounter. She hopes to share her passion of psychology along with her enthusiasm for facilitating mental well-being to her peers.



Name: Ruth Shelton

Major: Psychology

Ruth is a second year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in psychology. She is passionate about mental health and is looking forward to spreading mental health awareness and reducing stigma. Ruth hopes to promote a healthy and accepting culture on campus as a first year member of the Healthy Minds Team.



Name: Jeremy Laffin

Major: English

Jeremy Laffin is in his second year of university, and is studying for a B.A. in English. Originally from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Jeremy has three (almost four years) of leadership and event planning under his belt. This year, he will be working as both an RA and as a member of the Healthy Minds Team. He hopes to be able to foster a campus culture of acceptance and understanding around mental health through the implementation of student-lead programs, and is excited to meet new people.



Name: Nadia Guzmán

Major: Psychology

Nadia is starting her first year at Saint Mary's University as an international student. She’s enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program and will major in Psychology. She’s excited to fight the stigma about mental health and offer her friendship and support to other SMUdents. Nadia is passionate about helping others and will do her best to help create an environment where everyone takes care of themselves mentally. 



Name: Sarah Duggan

Major: Undeclared

Sarah is in her first year at Saint Mary’s University, and is very excited to be joining the Healthy Minds Team! She has always been very passionate about raising mental health awareness, and hopes that with the Healthy Minds Team, she can make a difference with ending the stigma. After university she wants to be a Psychiatrist, and hopes to continue to help people struggling with their mental health.