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Employment Opportunities

Are you a mature and responsible student who will be enrolled full time at Saint Mary’s University for the September 2017 – April 2018 academic year? Are you looking for a job that is convenient, flexible, and gives you an opportunity to gain valuable life skills? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we have a position for you!


Residence Services is now hiring mature and responsible students for the Residence Services Officer (RSO) position for the September 2018 – April 2019 academic year. The RSO position reports to the Assistant Director, Residence Services.


The deadline for both applications and the five (5) references is February 28th, 2018 at 11:59PM


If you are interested in applying please see the following links:


Residence Services Officer Application:



Residence Services Officer Reference Form:

***You will need 5 references to fill this out for you by the February 28th, 11:59PM deadline***

Reasons Why Extensions / Stay-Overs / Early Arrival Requests May Not Be Granted

There are a number of reasons why applications for extensions/ stay-overs/ early arrivals may not be granted; some of the most common reasons for refusing a request are listed below:

  • Submitting your request after the deadline, or submitting it incomplete
  • Requesting an extension or early arrival for non-academic activities
  • Review of your behaviour and/or financial history with the University

Incident Report

As a Saint Mary's University student you have options available to you should you feel a Saint Mary's University student has committed an act of misconduct against you and/or your property. Please download a list of options and resources available to you.

Please download and print the ‌ to formally report incidents within the Residence Complex. Please return all completed reports to the Loyola Residence Desk (open 24 hours). Any incidents submitted will be reviewed by a Residence Department Administrator*.

Please note:  Once a student submits an Incident Report to a Residence official, it becomes the property of Saint Mary's University and will not be returned to the student. Copies of the original will not be provided and it is incumbent upon the report writer to ensure they have a copy before handing in their report.

*Your statement will be reviewed by a Residence Department Administrator, and as a result, the University may take action at its discretion. It may be provided to the Halifax Regional Police upon their request; the respondent has the opportunity to read this report upon a student disciplinary hearing.