The Counselling Centre

Concerned Faculty

How to help a student in distress

University is stressful to many students. Most students cope well but some do not and their behaviour can become worrisome. Sometimes students come from families where they did not learn effective coping skills. In general, you should consider becoming involved with a student in distress when you have noticed or become aware of an inability to function academically, personally, and/or socially. Becoming involved does not mean you listen frequently to their problems or advise them. Being involved means linking the student with the appropriate resources to help them and then following up.

For more information check out The Counselling Centre booklet on how to help a student in distress.

The Counselling Centre offers a Mental Health Series for Staff/Faculty of Saint Mary's University. We currently have three series which are: MH101, MH202, MH303 throughout the Academic Year. The series of presentations helps Staff/Faculty to have a better understanding on how to recognize warning signs in students who are distressed, the appropriate action to take and how to refer the students to The Counselling Centre. For more information please contact