The Counselling Centre

Information about The Counselling Centre

Counselling is not Discipline

Some well meaning Faculty refer students to The Counselling Centre telling them they must attend so that they deal with their issues (e.g. time management, anxiety). While the student may indeed have issues to address, until they acknowledge these issues, they will not change and may not seek help. Our services can be suggested, not mandated or used as discipline. People don't change because they are forced to.

With Respect to Confidentiality…

Even if you refer a student to The Counselling Centre, the staff cannot disclose to you if the student booked an appointment, attended a session, or the nature of what was disclosed during the session(s). Only in exceptional circumstances will confidentiality be broken (e.g. threatening behaviour towards oneself or others) or if a student has signed a Release of Information Form. Clinical Therapists/Psychologists will sometimes write a letter advocating for academic leniency for our clients who are dealing with complex personal issues (e.g. grief, sexual assault, etc.). However, it's the Faculty member's decision to determine whether leniency will be granted. Counselling does not write notes for adjustment or transitional issues (e.g. broken relationship, first year adjustment etc.).


If you are concerned about a student you are encouraged to call The Counselling Centre for a consultation.

24/7 Coverage

Morneau-Shepell offers free 24/7 emergency and non-emergency (counselling) support to our students. They can call 1-855-649-8641 for assistance and counselling is available in various languages.