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Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are integral to your Co-Curricular Record.  Please ensure they are grammatically correct, error-free, and contain these elements:

  1. Soft skill. Focus on no more than two soft skills that you learned or developed per activity.  Please use this guide - Soft Skills.
  2. Your distinctive experience. Reinforce your mentioned soft skills by describing how they were developed.
  3. Personal discovery (optional). Did you learn something new about yourself? Here is an example: I determined that helping students and the community is my passion.

Action Verbs, Soft Skills and examples below should help you get started.

  • I improved communication and interpersonal skills by conducting university tours and making public presentations for new international students. I determined that speaking in front of an audience could become my strength.
  • Guided and helped a group of seven first year students succeed in their academic and social endeavours by being open-minded and compassionate. Since then, I am working to realize my full potential in the sphere of Psychology.

We are happy to help you construct effective, succinct learning outcomes at the CCR Centre from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

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