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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Co-Curricular Record and how can it benefit me?

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) helps you discover out-of-class experiences and capture skills on an official document. Your Co-Curricular Experience Platform provides over 800 Co-Curricular opportunities for you to develop transferrable, employability skills beyond what is recognized on your academic transcript. Your CCR can be used to enhance your graduate program or scholarship applications, or to demonstrate your developed skills to employers.

How do I start my CCR?

It is easy to get started.  To find new opportunities and to add new experiences please access Your Co-Curricular Experience Platform (SMUport - Student Academics tab).  Press the Activate my CCR Account button to gain full access to the platform.  The CCR Account Activation is a one-time charge of $15.00+tax on your student account and your first Official CCR is complimentary!

How do I add experiences to my CCR?

To add an entry to your CCR access Your Co-Curricular Experience Platform and simply press the Add New Activity button in the lower right-hand corner of the activity box and fill in details.  Preview your Unofficial CCR to check for information accuracy and press the Submit for Verification button to ensure that the newly added entries are sent to your supervisor(s) for verification.

Why is it important to start my CCR early on?

The sooner you start to track your achievements the more complete your CCR will be.  All CCR eligible activities and awards have to be verified with your direct supervisor.  Only verified entries are documented on your Official CCR.

Can I gain recognition for the activities I was involved in prior to having my CCR Account activated?  

Yes, as long as we can verify your past experiences with your direct supervisor.  Your direct supervisor has to have access to the records, i.e., they have to work in the same department or remain in the same position to confirm your involvement.

Which experiences are recognized on the CCR?

While enrolled at Saint Mary's all on-campus Co-Curricular activities can be logged on your CCR, including but not limited to Volunteer WorkSports, and University Societies.  Additionally, you can log your off-campus experiences with our expanding network of External Community Partners. If your specific activity or award is not listed in the drop-down menus select “Other” after referencing the Requirements page.

May I submit awards for recognition?

Most definitely! Bring the original award to the Co-Curricular Record Centre or email us ( an electronic copy to add an award to your CCR. Only non-academic awards (received during your time at Saint Mary's through a society, sport, leadership role, work-related role etc.) qualify.  Academic awards do not appear on your CCR but are instead documented on your Academic Transcript.

Is there a 20 hour requirement for an activity to appear on my CCR? 

Yes, you have to complete at least 20 hours for an activity to appear on your CCR. You may combine up to three similar, verified entries to reach 20 hours. They will be listed under one title on your Official CCR. Similar entries are experiences that utilize a similar set of soft skills and fall under the same Recognized Activity Category.

Whom should I list as a supervisor for my activity?

Supervisors are University Officials and External Community Partners that directly oversee your experience.  The University Officials are faculty, staff, and students in leadership positions. Your direct supervisor must be able to verify that your experience matches their records, including your title, the number of hours completed, start and end dates.

How often should I update my CCR?

You should update Your Co-Curricular Experience Platform and submit entries for verification every semester to ensure your CCR is ready when you need it.  Previously verified experiences can be resubmitted with end dates, learning outcomes and additional hours.  To update previously verified entries press Edit this Activity button and update the information. Only verified experiences and awards are documented on your Official CCR.

What is the difference between my Unofficial and Official CCR?  

Your Unofficial CCR is an instant preview of any activities and awards you’ve added to Your Co-Curricular Experience Platform.  It is offered electronically free of charge and it is recommended for personal use to review entered information prior to submission.

Your Official CCR only displays activities and awards that have been verified by your direct supervisor(s).  The Official CCR is printed, signed and stamped by the University to help you supplement your application packages.  Typical turnaround time is two weeks.  Your first Official CCR is complimentary, additional copies cost $5.00+tax.

Can I include my Official CCR in the 2015-2016 Named Undergraduate Awards Application Package?

Yes! The Financial Aid and Awards Department offers over 200 scholarships - that is over $5 million available a year!  Your application package is certain to stand out as the CCR accentuates your diverse soft skills and experiences. Press the Submit to Financial Aid button on Your Co-Curricular Experience Platform and your CCR will be sent to the Financial Aid and Awards Office by the Named Undergraduate deadline.

I cannot access my Unofficial CCR, what can I do?

Make sure that your web browser allows pop-ups from the Co-Curricular Experience Platform webpage; you may need to edit your web browser settings to ensure that this function works properly. Once the pop-ups are enabled a separate tab should open displaying your Unofficial CCR.  If you are still unable to access your Unofficial CCR please contact us.

I have not received any emails since activating my account, what should I do?

Make sure that your contact information is up-to-date by editing your email address at the top of Your Co-Curricular Experience Platform. Please check your spam / junk folder and add to your contact list to ensure the emails reach your inbox. If no emails are found, please let us know.

If you still have questions or concerns please email us at, call 902.491.6445 or visit us in the CCR Centre on the fourth floor of the Student Centre between 9 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday for further assistance.