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Centre for the Study of Sport and Health

Our focus is the interconnected relationship between sport and health. We engage in academic and practical research related to the physical, mental and social components of well-being.

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What are we all about?

HomburgcentreOur Mandate: Building upon Saint Mary’s University’s tradition of sporting excellence The Centre for the Study of Sport and Health will extend the growing research competence in the area of sport and health that already exists at Saint Mary’s University. Located in the Homburg Centre for Health and Wellness the CSSH is ideally situated to promote scholarly research on sport, health and wellness issues on campus and in the larger community.  Our objective is to establish the CSSH as an internationally-recognized centre of excellence in sport and health studies. The Centre will serve as a meeting place for researchers from around the world who are interested in issues relating to the sport and health relationship.

CSSH Overview

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Community Connections

Bob Dawson, Huskies Hockey alum
Bob Dawson, Hockey and The Black Experience: How Sport Influences Society
Recalling Bob Dawson's trailblazing role in university hockey as a member of the Saint Mary's Huskies almost a half century ago.

Benjamin Gray
Former high school hockey player battles back from concussions
Benjamin Gray was forced to stop playing hockey due to post-concussion syndrome. Since that time, he has suffered from depression. His dog, Sky, has helped him through his ordeal.