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Job Search Seminar
Job Finding Club: Workshops run for 4 weeks - Get more information and register. 

Résumé Workshop
Whether you are creating a résumé for the first time or revamping a pre-existing one, the first step is signing up for a résumé workshop. These are held each Tuesday & Friday @ 1:15 pm (check website celendar for updates). You must attend a résumé workshop before coming in for one-on-one assistance during walk ins each Mon/Thurs/Fri between 9:15-11:15 am and Tues/Wed between 1:15-3:15 pm.

EmployHER focuses on gender-specific differences that women tend to encounter in their career development and progression. Session topics include confidence and self-esteem, assertive communicationand negotiation, employment equity and labour rights, and mentoring and leadership. As a bi-weekly, drop-in seminar including special events or guest speakers and will be open to female-identifying students only, though all students on campus will be welcome to attend guest speakers or special events when they are advertised as “all students welcome”. (Check website calendar for full details including dates, topics, time, and room number.)

Working In Canada
The Working In Canada Career Seminar is a bi-weekly drop-in seminar that supports international and domestic students in their career development through topics such as Networking, Job search strategies, and “What can I do with my major?”. The Seminar is a safe and welcoming atmosphere where students of all backgrounds express their career-related concerns in the context of a supportive gathering of peers and Career Development professionals, though is primarily facilitated each week by a Career Counsellor and enhanced by guest speakers. (Check website calendar for full details including dates, topics, time, and room number)

Career Seminar for Students with Disabilities
Talk about your challenges and opportunities with a small group of peers. (Check website calendar for full details including dates, topics, time, and room number)

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a must have tool for all students!  Discover opportunities and get recognized for your out-of-class accomplishments!  Activate your CCR Account on SMUport.  Here is a list of CCR recognized Current Volunteer Opportunities

Did You Know?
Based on the survey of 450 Canadian Employers, a slightly higher premium on co-curricular involvement than academic performance [is placed], meaning that a well-rounded graduate will have an advantage in the competitive job market... Good grades are important, but so is balance.” (The CACEE News Release by Marchildon, November 23, 2012) Start Your Co-Curricular Record today!