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Interviewing is a key component of the job search strategy and just like playing a sport it is important to master the art through practice. A résumé may get you the interview, but it is the interview that will get you the job. First impressions are critical and so is preparation. It is equally important to take the time to research the company and have a few questions prepared for the Interviewer.

Practice the types of questions that may be asked by booking a Mock Interview with a Career & Employment Coach who can help you tailor your interview by asking industry and job specific questions.

Interview Checklists




  • Practice interview questions
    • Behavioral
    • Situational
    • Stress
  • Book a Mock Interview with a Career Information Specialist
  • Ensure you are well rested and eat breakfast the day of the interview
  • Plan a professional outfit
  • Refrain from heavy fragrances and practice good hygiene
  • Print at least 3-5 copies of your résumé and a reference list
  • Prepare at least 5 questions to ask during an interview
  • Plan your route and transportation
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Relax and take a deep breath!
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early
  • Act professional from the moment you enter the building
  • Do not bring coffee or chew gum
  • Turn off cell phone / electronics
  • Introduce yourself to the front desk staff politely and professionally
  • Be genuine, confident, and enthusiastic
  • Develop rapport with proper eye contact
  • Do not mention negatives from your past employers
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Say thank you and ask for the next steps in the process
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Relax and take a deep breath!
  • Immediately after your interview, make notes on your interview.
    • What went well?
    • What could you improve on?
  • Send a Thank You Letter (pdf) within 24 hours of the interview‌
  • Follow up phone call if you have not heard from them in a week
  • Be professional at all times
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Relax and take a deep breath!