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Internships provide practical experience in an occupation or a profession of choice. They are temporary positions that may last from 6 weeks to 18 months. Internship positions are available in public and private sectors such as, governments, non-profit organizations, and businesses.  After being exposed to the job, interns are more likely to determine if they have an interest in it and create a network of contacts.

Co-operative Education - Saint Mary’s University provides a great opportunity for its students by combining studies with a paid work term through Co-operative Education.

Depending on the field of study/work there is a varying likelihood of having a stipend – a paid internship. Some of the most common, paid internships are in the fields of medicine, engineering, and architecture. On the contrary, many internships do not offer monetary compensation but are wonderful opportunities to get your foot in the door as you gain skills, experience and professional contacts.  

Visit the Career Development Centre for more information on internship opportunties.

AIESEC - various opportunities available abroad
China Internship Program
Halifax Regional Municipality (various opportunities)
Douglas College (see other contract employment)
WUSC (World University Service of Canada) World University Service of Canada
SOIL Apprenticeships - Grow Food. Sustain the Future. Together.