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Current Students

1st Year 
(0-30 Cr.H)
2nd Year
(30-60 Cr.H)
3rd Year
(60-90 Cr.H)
4th Year 
(90-120 Cr.H)
Explore, experience and investigate Self-assessment and career research Focus on major or
field of choice
Transition to work or grad school
Ttransition and adjust to university Research majors  Meet with a Career Counsellor to clarify your program and career goals Apply to post-degree programs or internships
Develop your academic skills Meet with a Career Counsellor to learn about your skills, values and interests in relation to academic programs and careers Volunteer/work within your field of study to gain experience Sign up for a Job Search Seminar
Explore and become knowledgeable about the different programs at Saint Mary’s University Visit Career Services to explore work options in your field of study Research the world of work in your chosen field: job shadow, conduct informational interviews, and begin to build your network Attend career fairs, such as the Halifax Career Fair
Meet your Academic Advisor Attend the Volunteer Fair in September Develop your résumé and practice your interview skills at the Résumés and Job Search Be aware of recruiting opportunities on and off campus; view job postings, starting in September of final year
Investigate and contemplate ideas for your major by talking to a Career Counsellor. Ensure you are satisfying program requirements and plan future courses Consider applying to a Co-op program to gain work experience Clarify admissions procedures for entrance to post-degree programs. If required, prepare for tests such as LSAT, GRE, GMAT and MCAT. Develop contacts for reference letters for work and/or graduate school Network with industry professionals and alumni
 Write your university level résumé Explore experiential learning through campus and community activities Meet with your Academic Advisor to ensure you’re on target to graduate, and chose 4th year courses Update your CCR
 Activate your CCR Update your CCR Update your CCR Important: Apply to graduate!

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Career Services are pleased to offer recent graduates access to three years of continued career counselling, assessments and career development support.

We often hear Alumni ask:

  • I have graduated, now what is my next step?
  • How do I market myself and my degree?
  • I still don’t know what I want to do, is that normal?
  • How do I update my resume and cover letter?
  • I’m thinking about applying to graduate school, how do I choose a school or program?

It is very common for career questions to arise six to twelve months after graduation. Therefore, if you have graduated within the last two years and need help with your next step, we are happy to help.

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Future Saint Mary's Students

If you are planning on attending Saint Mary's in the future, we have the following services available to you before you get here:

  • Résumé and cover letter development
  • Mock interviews and feedback
  • Career exploration
  • Jobs for your degree
  • Graduate school information
  • Annual volunteer fair
  • Labour market information
  • Online resources
  • Information on majors

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Parents & Family

What do you know about the workforce your son/daughter is about to enter?

Parents are a vital part of a student’s success transitioning out of university. Here are some recent trends you should know about:

  • Only 33% of Canadian jobs come with pensions. Today’s trend is not to include them.
  • More work is being created as Part Time or Contract. This is often the way that grads transition into the work force to gain experience.
  • A degree is definitely an important part of getting a good job and a requirement for many jobs. However the market is more competitive and complex than ever before. Employers look for more than just the degree; they look for previous experience, built up through volunteer work, summer and part-time jobs during university, and involvement in activities. Employers also look for people with a “can do” attitude, client-focused service skills and the confidence to handle themselves.
  • Many Arts and Science students end up working in business, and Commerce students end up working for non-profits and arts. Just because someone studies History doesn’t mean they will be a historian.
  • Many, many students find those vital first steps into their field via unpaid internships or low paid positions. This can last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years before your son/daughter has the experience to step into the “good” roles. This is becoming the norm in many fields, from teaching and social work to business and counselling.
  • The job marketplace has changed dramatically and your son/daughter may have to make big decisions such as:
    • leaving home or province
    • continue other academics or training to get into the field of their choice
    • taking lower paid work, part time or contract work or work with volunteer on the side

If you know that this is a normal and necessary part of the transition to career, you will be able to better help them through these decisions. In Career Counselling, we can also help them navigate through these tricky times. We also help Alumni up to three years after graduation.

Encourage your son/daughter to book an appointment.

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