Career Services

Career Counselling & Assessments

We provide one-on-one career counselling, career groups and assessments. 

Career counselling can help you figure out who you are, what you want, where you’re going, and how your academic studies fit in with your plan.

Who Am I? – Career exploration begins with figuring out more about you. It's impossible to evaluate career possibilities without knowing your strengths, desires, personality, life needs and goals.

What Do I Want? – Career counselling uses a mix of reflective questions, testing and assessments, homework and discussion to help you dig deeper and figure out what really matters to you.

Where Am I Going? – Career Counsellors have extensive knowledge about the different kinds of careers out there. We can help draw out possibilities you never knew existed and then connect you to the Career Information Specialist for a personalized Career Exploration session. If you’re looking for tangible, reliable and up-to-date information on careers, programs and how to get into them, Career Counselling is the place to start.

Make Good Academic Decisions – Once you have a sense of who you are and what your goals are, then we can evaluate this against your academic plan. Career Counselling puts the academic choices into context with your other life goals and objectives to help you decide what’s right for you.

University to Career Transitions – Experience is essential to getting a good job. Learn how to get involved and engaged in activities outside of your studies - opportunities that suit you, interest you and help you develop skills and experience you can leverage in the job market when you leave. We can help you make choices during your university years that will get you hired when you graduate.


An assessment inventory is a test that is based on extensive research and data collection against which your answers or scores are measured.  With a career focus, assessments can help you to better understand yourself and how your interests, preferences, or dispositions might relate to specific occupations.

At Career Services, we believe that the assessment is only as good as the interpretation you get from it. That’s why we will ask that you come in for a meeting first, and then return after your test is done to review the results with a Career Counsellor. Please note there is a small cost for writing each assessment inventory.

Career Assessments Available at Career Services

Strong Interest Inventory (SII) The Strong Interest Inventory inquires about your level of interest in everything from occupations to school subjects to leisure activities and then offers a profile of your interests related to others with similar interests and their career choices. The SII uses Holland Codes to sort your preferences by the six personality types (your three strongest and three weakest) – Realistic, Artistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) This assessment is one of the most widely used measures of personality dispositions and preferences. Putting together the four dimensions leads to a value-free “type” which reflects your preferred attitudes and functions. When related to career, this test can yield deep insights into the conditions of satisfaction for enjoying your work and some career roles that suit those preferences.

Career Occupational Preference System, Professional Level (COPS-P) Another test that measures interests and activities and scores based on eight broad occupational cluster areas.

Free Online Assessments

While these are free and accessible, Career Services strongly recommends that you book an appointment to review your results of these tests with a Career Counsellor. This will help you interpret the results in a meaningful way and then apply them to your own career exploration.

Jung Typology Test™ (aka the MBTI, non-validated version) This is a free, online version of the well-known Meyers Briggs test. It is free because it is NOT the complete, validated version. However, if these results are reviewed in session, you will be able to understand their meaning and how it is applied to your understanding of the right career path for you.

Career Cruising - Career Matchmaker Career Matchmaker will generate a list of 40 jobs based on a series of questions related to your interests and preferences. This assessment is part of an online program called Career Cruising, which Saint Mary's University subscribes to. Please contact Career Services for the username and password that will give you full access to this resource.

Survey of Character Strengths This free assessment is part of a Positive Psychology site and looks at the personal strengths that help your resiliency in life. When you take the test, focus on your top five strengths.  On Authentic Happiness page, select “Register” to create a user name and password. Then you will be taken to the Testing Centre where will be able to see a large number of tests to take. Go to Engagement Questionnaires and take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.