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Reinke Leadership Bursary: 2016 Winner Aryn Sanojca

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The Sobey School of Business is proud to announce that Aryn Sanojca is the inaugural recipient of the $7500 Reinke Leadership Bursary. 

Aryn is completing degrees in both Business and Physics, and is the first in her family to attend University. As well as being a Senior Residence Assistant, Aryn is co-ordinating the year-end banquet, and was one of the Sobey School participants in the ICBC competition. She notes that, “Thanks to the Reinke Leadership Bursary, I was also able to attend the Marine Renewable Energy conference. This has sparked my interest in this field, and led me to consider pursuing a Master of Marine Management.”

The Reinke Leadership Bursary was established thanks to the generosity of Mr. Kerry Reinke who graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (major in Accounting) in 1998. Kerry credits the practical lessons learned from leadership experience gained in the Commerce Society, SMUSA and Saint Mary’s Journal, as being key contributions to his career and personal development. Currently, Kerry is the Chief Risk Officer, Canadian Division and Group Head Enterprise Risk for Manulife and resides in Oakville, Ontario with his lovely wife Dana and three children.


Past Award Profiles

Strength in Numbers

Members of the Sobey School of Business’s Department of Accounting pooled their resources to create an award that recognizes community-minded Accounting majors.

The idea for the Accounting Achievement Award drew full support from the very beginning, attracting personal financial commitments from all full-time faculty members of the Department of Accounting, all sessional faculty members, and the Departmental Secretary.

“We care a great deal about our students,” says Accounting professor Larry Corrigan. “There was no hesitation when it came time to support them.”

The department raised more than $75,000 to fund the start-up for three scholarships. With this early success, and additional contributions expected from alumni and friends, the goal of $100,000 for a permanent endowment fund is well within reach.

Inaugural recipients were Dongsheng Li, Xuan (Annabelle) Wang, and Jingyi (Claire) Hou.

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