Program HeaderGlobalization has challenged the business of sales.

Thanks to technology, digital communications, new channels to market, and expanded supply chains, global distances are a challenging reality. Meanwhile, populations in our own country are growing increasingly diverse. The world is not just out there, but also right here, in our own backyards. These challenges open a dam of opportunity to those who can successfully navigate multiple cultures.

This program will guide current and future sales professionals in selling in a multi-cultural environment.  You will learn how to influence behaviour and decision-making for improved sales performance and outcomes.  Sell Beyond Borders will position you and your organization for success by focusing on the best-in-class sales skills and behaviors that will deliver the top results.

Communicating, negotiating, decision-making, and resolving conflict are skills great sales people develop. To achieve successful sales in multiple markets, you must learn to use the right strategy for the right place, notice and understand cultural differences, and adapt your style to a different way of doing business.

Want to learn more? Contact Lynn Coveyduck, Sobey School of Business, telephone (902) 491-6497.


Timeline Overview


Sessions held at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In advance:

  • Complete online Culture-Active assessment and Sales Skills assessment 3 weeks prior to the first session

Day 1: Building Cross-Cultural Communications Expertise

The first module enables participants to:

  • Understand what culture is and recognize its influence
  • Recognize their own hidden cultural assumptions and preferences
  • Understand generalizations and move beyond stereotypes when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Understand key cultural differences in the way people think and act
  • Build trust and relationships with potential clients
  • Interpret cross-cultural communication styles
  • Feel more confident when interacting across cultural and language barriers
  • Develop cultural competence / michaeljung

Day 2-3: Championship Selling

The second module focuses on sales skills required for success in both domestic and international markets while helping participants /organizations to:

  • Appreciate how the selling process works in other cultures.
  • Increase sales revenue through building opportunity identification and gain earlier penetration of new markets and customer segments
  • Adapt their sales and negotiation techniques to fit the target client / market
  • Improve win ratios and sales productivity when targeting customer needs
  • Identify how to build credibility in a particular culture and increase customer loyalty and involvement
  • Positively handle sales objections cross cultures and get a sale back on track.
  • Appreciate how objection handling and communications differ in nature within different cultures.

Day 4: GameDayTM

After 12 weeks of online / phone coaching for individuals and group plus homework (6-8 hours total), participate in GameDayTM. Participants are immersed in a real-life, challenging selling and customer call environment based on their business reality. Participants receive real-time feedback on their strength and performance gaps as well as targeted skill building to take their capabilities to the next level. Participants will:

  • Go deep and uncover the true context of the customer
  • Leverage leadership and expertise to align on business building initiatives with the customer
  • Deliver customer ready solutions


Want to learn more? Contact Lynn Coveyduck, Sobey School of Business, telephone (902) 491-6497.