Message from the Director

Welcome to the educational experience of a lifetime. We call that experience the Sobey Ph.D. We offer the only business Ph.D. program in Atlantic Canada and our only real competition is conventional thinking. But there is nothing conventional about our approach. We offer an open and creative learning process that encourages a broad range of research interests. We have a core group of internationally recognized faculty who are promoting a strong culture of research. We attract world-class management and organizational speakers. And, perhaps most of all, we have a dedicated, highly motivated, and very involved student body.

Our core courses are run on campus in May and June to provide the flexibility for business and educational professionals to join the program: built-in professional development provides the opportunity to develop a variety of research and teaching skills. In the first ten years of the program our students have contributed nearly 400 research papers to local, national and international conferences, book chapters, and journal articles, and five books. Several of our students have been hired to tenure track university positions or promotion to higher levels of management. That's why AACSB International found our program “innovative and exciting” when we were accredited in 2004.

The 2009 AACSB review of the program had this to say:

"Established in 2000 and founded on a very strong human resource and management department, the Sobey doctoral program is innovative both in its design and its primary target market. The program is structured to enable current faculty to spend summer sessions completing the program full-time while assuming a part-time student role for the remainder of the year. The program is targeted primarily to individuals holding academic appointments interested in upgrading their academic credentials... Most noteworthy... is the success in placing graduates from the program and the high number of publications, an average of nine at time of graduation."

Read on to find out more about what makes the Sobey Ph.D. program so unique. [Watch a visual introduction to the Ph.D. (Management) program.]


Albert Mills, Ph.D.
Director, Sobey Ph.D. (Management)