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If you are finding the business math in your courses challenging, visit the Sobey School of Business Math Help Centre. Tutoring for MGSC 1205 and 1206, plus more, will build your quantitative skills and lower your stress! For information about tutoring, contact:

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Academic Background: I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce student with Accounting as my major. My GPA is 4.12, and my course work includes intro financial accounting, financial accounting foundations, managerial accounting and finance I.

Personal Background: I am from Shanghai, China. I love Jazz and Blues. Like trying something new and challenging myself. Interested in financial and political events recently. Love watching any sports game, especially basketball and hockey games.

Expertise: I love maths a lot, therefore I can help with Quantitative Method I, II and Statistics. Since I am interested in accounting and finance, I am willing to help with all the accounting courses I have learned so far and finance I as well.



Academic Background: I am a 4th year honors economics student graduating in my.  My GPA is 4.22, and course work includes advanced micro and macroeconomics, econometrics, and numerous 3000 level economics electives.

Personal Background: I grew up just outside Toronto, Ontario, playing a variety of sports.  I spent three of my high school years playing hockey and running track at a boarding school in Boston, Massachusetts.  My hobbies include playing squash, and watching all the Toronto sports teams.  Go leafs.

Expertise:  I have a strong background in statistics, and therefore can help with intro and intermediate statistics, as well as econometrics.  I also can help in both Quantitative Methods I and II.



Academic Background: As a 4th year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Human Resource Management, right now my GPA is 3.80. A few of the course I liked includes: 1205 Quant I (A+), 1206 Quant II (A+), 2383 Micro OB (A), 2241 Intro Finical Accounting (A+), 2207 Statistic (A), 2360 Finance I (A+).

Personal Background: As a transfer student from south China, I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. In my spare time, I read books and take photos for various events. At the meanwhile, as a SAGA volunteer for international center of SMU, I help students in need, assist the center to organize and plan events.

Expertise: For the pass one and half years, I have been mainly tutoring students through one-on-one, drop in, and tutorial sessions for 1205 Quant I and 1206 Quant I. Since these courses tend to be fresh in my mind, I can help students effectively.




Academic Background: I am a third year bachelor of commerce student with Accounting and Global Business Management as my majors. Currently, my GPA is 4.28 out of 4.3, and my course work consists of intro and intermediate financial accounting and managerial accounting, finance I, as well as all courses required in first two years.

Personal Background: I am a north Chinese girl who is full of energies. I like a variety of sports, especially running. Currently, exercising at gym is my favorite thing, and I enjoy watching various kinds of movies, including comedy, romantic and etc.

Expertise: I am particularly good at accounting courses, and therefore, I can help with intro and intermediate financial accounting and managerial accounting. I can also help in both Quantitative Methods I and II, and Finance I.



Academic Background: I am a new graduate majoring in Finance. I also have an Accounting diploma in China. My GPA is 3.86, and course work includes financial accounting analysis, mathematical economics, all the required finance courses, and numerous 4000 level finance electives.

Personal Background: I am an outgoing and helpful Chinese girl who loves music. I like singers who can write their own lyrics. It is my hobby to collect vintage and voguish cloths, hats, and bags.

Expertise: I can help in both Quantitative Methods I and II. I also have a genuine interest in Finance field, which drives me to get high grades in all my finance major courses. Therefore I am glad to help with most of the finance courses I took such as Portfolio Management, Financial Management, Financial Institutions, and etc.



Academic Background: I am a second year Commerce student completing a double major in Finance and Honours Economics. Currently, my GPA is 4.15 and my course work includes statistics, intro to financial accounting, and both quantitative methods courses.

Personal Background: I grew up in St. Stephen, NB in a family of six kids. I spent my time training for hockey and soccer which lead me to complete my high school education and to be challenged as an athlete in a boarding school in Concord, NH in the United States. Since moving to Halifax I have started running marathons and cross training for fun by hitting the gym and attending spin classes.

Expertise: I am able to help with intro to statistics, quantitative methods I and II, and intro to financial accounting.



Academic background: I am a graduate student majoring in computing and data analytics. My GPA is 4.3, and the coursework includes statistics, programming, database and data analysis tools. I also have an MBA (Operations management) to my background.

Personal background: I grew up in Mumbai, India, one of the most crowded cities in the world. I am an avid reader, and I love reading mystery/suspense fiction. I am an amateur painter (still learning how to paint using acrylic). I am also trained in Indian classical dance.

Expertise: I have been good at Math my whole life and I have a strong background in statistics. I can help with statistics and quantitative methods (I & II). I have also been introduced to market research, and therefore can help with that as well.