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Religious Studies

RELS 3330.1 (.2) Spirituality in the Workplace


Through case studies in the literature, and guest lecturers engaging in practices that support spirituality in the workplace, students will make the connection between the theory and practical developments in real workplaces. Class seminars will explore need for spirituality in the workplace, corporate responses to that need, and the external influences shaping the future of work. Guest lecturers will contribute first-hand experience of the challenges and dilemmas facing business leaders, managers and employees seeking ways to “bring their whole selves to work.” Transformative learning exercises will enable students to explore their own responses to challenges and dilemmas around spirituality in the workplace.

Prerequisite: None 
Textbook: There is no required Textbook for this course. All material is provided online.

We make every effort to have accurate, up-to-date textbook information available on our web site at all times but textbook choices and selections are subject to change without notice.
Software: Elluminate
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