Executive and Professional Development


Implementing Policy and Managing the Change

New or amended policies must be implemented strategically and they must be evaluated in order to ensure they are effective. A number of components are critical.

Policy implementation is the process through which organizations provide people with the awareness, knowledge, tools and skills they will need to work with new or changed policies.

Change management is the process through which organizations support individuals to participate in the adoption of new knowledge, tools, skills and to adapt to any changes that may occur within their environment as the result of new or amended policy.

Good communications are essential to both. In this seminar you will learn how to ensure that new and amended policies will be implemented consistently and confidently.

Implementing Policy and Managing the Change is a required seminar for the Certificate in Policy Development and Implementation.

DATES - 2 Day Seminar

May 14 - 15, 2018

Facilitator: Rose Landry and donalee Moulton, BA
Location: Saint Mary's at the World Trade Centre, 8th Floor, 1800 Argyle Street


Program Content

Implementation Strategies

Implementation Planning

  • Technical elements, scope, timing, assessment

Managing Change

  • Changing the hearts and minds of people
  • Assessing readiness
  • Understanding resistance to change – and addressing it


  • What needs to be evaluated
  • What constitutes an effective evaluation?
  • How to assess compliance

 Communicating the policy

  • Before, during and after
  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Tools to communicate effectively
  • Who speaks to the policy
  • Developing FAQs
  • Roll out of the documented policy

What You Will Learn

  • How to develop an effective implementation strategy and plan
  • How to develop and effective change management strategy
  • How to focus evaluation efforts to measure results
  • Components of a communications action plan
  • How to engage users in policy development and implementation
  • How to plant the seeds to develop a policy culture

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • Are or wish to be involved in policy development as a policy analyst, influencer, or an implementer.
  • Are responsible for writing policies as part of your job
  • Oversee individuals who are responsible for policy development 
  • Rely on policies to do your job or ensure a well-functioning organization