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Do you use consulting skills in your role? Are you currently offering services and looking to improve your effectiveness? 

Most people think of consulting only in the narrow terms of an external provider of services to an organization. The more general definition of consulting skills is assisting organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve performance. Consulting requires you to observe, analyze information, and come up with effective solutions for different types of organizations.

Do you need to be an expert in a technical field within a specific industry to be a consultant?

While consulting may fit that description, more and more we are seeing consulting skills being used by managers within organizations. There is no single qualification or specific degree program that prepares people for the role. 

The Certificate in Consulting and Advisory Skills is a six day certificate consisting of four topic areas intended to give learners the broad strokes essential to being effective in a consulting or advisory role. As part of this certificate you will have the additional learning opportunity working on an applied learning project.

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Module 1
Essentials of Consulting – Understanding the role of a consultant and the important tools used in this role

Module 2
Business Analysis and Needs Assessment for Consulting – Learning to scope the work and collect the information

Module 3
Business and Organizational Development - Working for clients requires an understanding of the larger organizations and their priorities. 

Module 4
Selling Solutions and Projects – Whether you’re working with internal or external clients you’ll need to understand how to present and promote solutions to your clients

Applied Project - An opportunity to design and execute a project from start to finish while gaining experience into the practical side of consulting/advising work.