eLearning Centre

Launch My Course

Once the web course is developed and ready to deliver, the course must be scheduled and requested for delivery, and the instructor must be activated in SMUport.


Deans and Studio - eLearning will schedule web courses during the academic year; however, the Deans and the Registrar will schedule web courses for Summer Sessions.

Web courses are accessed through SMUport, which is the Saint Mary's University online portal. To access SMUport, the instructor must activate a SMUport account. Prior to the course start date, the instructor must activate their “S” number. To do so, the instructor must have on hand their Saint Mary's University “A” number and Banner PIN. If the instructor forgets their Banner PIN, they may call the Banner Help Centre at 491-8609. The SMUport password expires every 90 days and needs to be reactivated.

Request a Teaching Assistant

Instructors requiring a Teaching Assistant must identify a qualified candidate. It is the responsibility of the instructor to make arrangements for the Teaching Assistant. There are two steps.

  1. A Teaching Assistant Request Form must be completed by the instructor.
  2. The Teaching Assistant must sign a contract to work during the term. If the term is during the fall and/or winter semester, the Teaching Assistant will sign the contract at the Studio - eLearning office. However, during the summer semesters, the Teaching Assistant will sign the contract with Enrollment Services.

Instructors who Intend to Travel

Most instructors teaching courses entirely online will generally be located within Nova Scotia. If an instructor is planning to teach a course while located outside Nova Scotia, there are a few conditions, which must be approved.

  1. Reliable access to high speed internet connection must be used. Usually this type of access is found at a university.
  2. Every detail about his course must be completed prior to leaving. It can be extremely stressful for everyone when doing this kind of development from a distance and at the last minute.
  3. The instructor must request permission to travel with confidential information relating to the course, especially when traveling to the United States.