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How do I access my eLearning course?

How To ApplyStudents access their eLearning course through SMUport using their "S" number account.

If you do not have an “S” number or need to reset your SMUport password, go to http://activate.smu.ca.

Here are the steps to access your eLearning course:

Step 1: Go to http://smuport.smu.ca/

  • When prompted, enter your Student Number and password. Example:
    User name – S00001234
    Password – Q987654c

Step 2: Select the ACADEMIC tab link.

Step 3: In the box labeled My Courses, click on the link called Click here to access your courses.

Step 4: You should now see a webpage listing your courses. Your eLearning course will be hyperlinked. Click on the course name to link to and access the course homepage.

When can I access my Brightspace course?

Students login to eLearning courses on the first day of the semester.