Department of Sociology & Criminology

M.A. Criminology Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

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  • A. Carver, Ph.D. University of Melbourne: Terrorism, counter-terrorism, genocide, policing and law enforcement
  • D. Crocker, Ph.D. York University: Violence against women; criminal harassment/stalking; judicial decision making; restorative justice; qualitative and quantitative research methods; feminist criminology; and law and society.
  • M. Gómez, Ph.D. New School for Social Research. criminological & political theory, prejudice & hate crimes, gender & cultural studies, critical legal theory. 
  • J. Livingston, Ph.D., Simon Fraser University, Mental illness and criminal justice; stigma; compulsory treatment; forensic mental health; risk and recovery.
  • R. CollinsPh.D. University of Saskatchewan, Critical Criminology, social control, inequalities in criminal justice.
  • S. Schneider, Ph.D. University of British Columbia: Organized crime, crime prevention, developmental criminology, policing and law enforcement; community development.
  • A. Schulte-Bockholt, Ph.D. Carleton University: Organized crime and state crime; regulation of drugs; Latin America.

Departmental faculty has an excellent scholarly and professional reputation in the field of critical criminology and social justice and has received numerous grants and project funding in such areas as restorative justice (Prof. Crocker), crime prevention (Prof. Schneider), and the successful community reintegration of forensic patients (Prof. Livingston). 

Other Faculty 

Other full-time SMU faculty and sessional lecturers who teach in the Criminology program at the undergraduate and graduate levels include:

  • C. Cutting, Ph.D. University of Waterloo: Sociology of Religion, Religious Diversity in North America, Immigration, Race, Racism, and Racialization, Post-Colonialism 
  • L. Gunn, Ph.D. UNB Fredericton: serial homicide and sentencing, violence and gender, sociology of law, cultural criminology, non-traditional leisure and crime.
  • J. Healy, Ph.D., Ph.D. Simon Fraser University: Sexual violence, sexual offenders, sexual assault, sexual homicide, quantitative research methodologies
  • V. Johnson Ph.D. New School for Social Research: criminology and law; the intersections among class, race, gender and, sexuality; moral regulation and policing; the history and theory of regulation and policing in cities; the criminalization of poverty; theories and histories of liberalism
  • R. Kennedy, LL.B. Dalhousie University: Criminal Law.
  • S. Nourpanah, PhD. Dalhousie University: Immigration, Refugee Affairs, Civil Society, Labour, the State, Policy and Theory
  • M. Pelletier, MA. International Development Studies, Saint Mary's University: Gender, International development, Gender and Development, Social Inequality and Justice, East Africa.
  • V. Singer, Ph.D. Dalhousie University: Violence against women, victims of crime, victim services, policing and restorative justice
  • K. Waters, M.A. University of Ottawa: criminal justice policy, classical criminological theory