Department of Sociology & Criminology

M.A. Criminology Faculty

For information on faculty research projects see a recent list of projects here.

The Graduate Program in Criminology also benefits from the expertise of affiliated faculty members in other Departments and Adjunct Faculty at other universities.  Please see their Departmental web page for details on their work.

Affiliated Professors:

  • B. Brown, History
  • T. Chorney, English
  • P. Erickson, Anthropology
  • E. Keeble, Political Science
  • K. Kelloway (Psychology)
  • R. Konopasky, Psychology
  • E. Lee, Finance, Information Systems and Management Science
  • C. MacDonald, Philosophy
  • S. Malton, English
  • T. O'Malley, International Development Studies
  • T. Peckmann, Anthropology
  • S. Smith, Psychology
  • V. Stinson, Psychology
  • S. Wein, Philosophy

Adjunct Professors:

  • B. Cottrell (Independent Researcher)
  • J.D. Flint (Independent Researcher)
  • L. Liebenberg (Dalhousie University)
  • X. Petrinioti (Panteion University)