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Dr. Evangelia Tastsoglou, Professor

Evangelia Tastsoglou

Also, faculty member of the


PhD in Sociology (Department of SociologyBoston University, 1990)

Law Degree, "Ptychion" with Highest Honours (Department of Law, School of Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1981);

Professional Activities


Research Areas: Gender and International Migration; Immigrant Women; Transnationalism; Citizenship, Identities and Diasporas; Ethnicity / Race and the "Second Genderation"; Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism;  Development and Globalization; Critical, Feminist and Anti-Racist Pedagogies

External Research Grants


International Student Peer Helper Project (with Darryl Leroux).  Funded by the Student Success Innovation Fund, Saint Mary's University, 2013-2014 ($5,000).


Collaborator, Partnership Grant, SSHCRC. "Pathways to Prosperity: New Policy Directions and Innovative Local Practices for Newcomer Attraction and Integration", Principal Investigator: Vicki Esses, Univesity of Western Ontario ($2,513,360.00 over 7 years).    

 February 2011 
“Identity and Belonging: Female and Male Iranian Newcomer Youth in Halifax” Atlantic Metropolis Centre /SSHRC Pilot Grant. Principal Investigator ($4,970).

February 2010 
“Replacing the Revolving Doors by Open Ones: Transnational Families and Middle-Eastern Diasporas in Atlantic Canada”. Atlantic Metropolis Centre / SSHRC. Principal Investigator ($20,000).

Fall 2008 
“Networking, Belonging and Identity: Highly Skilled Turkish Immigrants in Halifax and Toronto” Pilot Project, Atlantic Metropolis Centre competion, 4,956.00. Principal Investigator.

Spring 2008 
“Who Cares and Why it Matters: Gender, Transnational Care-Giving, Families & Belonging , A Halifax Study” Atlantic Metropolis Centre of Excellence, $ 5,000.00. Principal Invesitgator.

Spring 2008 
“Negotiating Ethno-Cultural Identity among Halifax Youth: The Lebanese Second Generation and Beyond” Atlantic Metropolis Centre of Excellence ($4975.00)

Fall 2007 
“Attraction, Retention and Promotion of Immigrants in Atlantic Canada” ($ 10,000, Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Principal Investigator

Fall 2007 
Atlantic Metropolis Centre / Centre Metropolis Atlantique. $1.5 million for grant period 2007-2012. Co-applicant (together with domain leaders and co-directors). Principal Applicant: Dr. Terry Murphy.

"Profiles of Immigrant Communities in Atlantic Canada: The Role of Networks in Attracting, Retaining and Integrating Immigrant Men and Women in Atlantic Canada" ($ 105.000 from the Atlantic Metropolis Centre of Excellence, plus 30,000 from Citizenship and Immigration)., Co-investigator (Principal Investigator: N. Gallant). Ongoing.

"La force du prejuge et l' introspection de la communaute Arabe et Musulmane du Noveau Brunswick et de la nouvelle Ecosse aux lois sur la securite nationale" ($25,000, Canadian Race Relations Foundation). Joint grant (with C. Okana and C. Belkodja, Universite de Moncton). Ongoing.

"Navigating Anti-Violence Work in Atlantic Canada in a Culturally Sensitive Way" ($77,564; Status of wopmen Canada, Policy Research Fund). Principal investigator. Joint grant (with Barbara Cottrell, Meta Research and Communications, and Peruvemba Jaya, Memorial University).

" Parent abuse in Immigrant Communities" ($17,600, Department of Justice), Co-applicant. Principal Investigator: M. VanderPlaat. Nov. 15, 2003 - Mar. 31, 2004.

“Immigration and Security Challenges: Making Canadian Citizenship a Reality in Atlantic Canada” ($69,730, Canadian Heritage), with E. Keeble, A. Dobrowolsky and the Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Association (M.I.S.A.). Principal Investigator. 3-year project.

“Human Security, Immigration, Citizenship and the Profile of Terror: Immigrant and Ethnic Minorities Presumed Guilty?” ($ 84,980, Status of Women Canada Policy Research Fund), with E. Keeble, A. Dobrowolsky, D. Crocker, and the Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Association. Principal Investigator. 3-year project.

Atlantic Metropolis Centre of Excellence for Research in Immigration ($1,066,276, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada). Co-Applicant (with other Domain Leaders). Principal Applicant: Terry Murphy

Research Co-applicant on project “Violence in Immigrant Families” funded by Health Canada – Population Health Fund ($25,000, Principal Investigator: Barbara Cottrell). 2002-2003.

Department of Canadian Heritage Research Contract for project on “The Impact of the Immigration Process on the Identity of Ethnocultural / Racial / Linguistic / Religious Minority Canadians''.

2/2000 - 4/2001 
Coinvestigator, SSHRCC-funded strategic grant ($ 29,000) on Immigrant Women Making "Place" in Canadian Cities: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Understanding Their Social Networks" (principal investigator: Dr. Damaris Rose, Universite du Quebec).

Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and the Metropolis. Research grant of ($ 10,000) for project on "Immigrant Women Organizing for Change: Integration and Community Development by Immigrant Women in the Maritimes", Principal Investigator.

Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada. Grant of $5,240 for project entitled "Greek Immigrant Women in Ontario: A Photo-History" (principal investigator).

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Books

E. Tastsoglou, A. Dobrowolsky, B. Cottrell (eds) THE WARMTH OF THE WELCOME: IS ATLANTIC CANADA A HOME AWAY FROM HOME FOR IMMIGRANTS? Sydney, NS, Cape Breton University Press, 2015.

E. Tastsoglou, Peruvemba Jaya, eds. IMMIGRANT WOMEN IN ATLANTIC CANADA: CHALLENGES, NEGOTIATIONS, RE-CONSTRUCTIONS. Canadian Scholars' Press / Women's Press 2011, pp. 368.

Margaret Abraham, Esther Chow, Laura Maratou-Alipranti and Evangelia Tastsoglou (alphabetical order), eds., THE CONTOURS OF CITIZENSHIP. WOMEN, DIVERSITY AND PRACTICES OF CITIZENSHIP . Ashgate Publishers, 2010, pp. 232.


D. Crocker, A. Dobrowolsky, E. Keeble, C. Moncayo, E. Tastsoglou (alphabetical order. Project was led by E. Tastsoglou). SECURITY AND IMMIGRATION, CHANGES AND CHALLENGES: IMMIGRANT AND ETHNIC COMMUNITIES IN ATLANTIC CANADA, PRESUMED GUILTY? Final Report to Status of Women Canada, Policy Research Fund (refereed publication; Status of Women Canada /CIC 2007, in English and French‌). 

Project website:

E. Tastsoglou, A. Dobrowolsky (eds): WOMEN, MIGRATION AND CITIZENSHIP; MAKING LOCAL, NATIONAL AND TRANSNATIONAL CONNECTIONS. Ashgate Publishers, 2006, pp 272. Reviewed here‌. Reviewer here. Google preview  here.

Peer-Reviewed Guest-Edited Journals

E. Tastsoglou, Guest-Editor. "The Experiences of the Second-Generation Canadian Youth". Special Issue of CANADIAN ETHNIC STUDIES. vol. 40, No. 2, 2008.

E. Tastsoglou, L. Maratou-Alipranti (eds): Special Issue on GENDER AND INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION: FOCUS ON GREECE‌ of the GREEK REVIEW OF SOCIAL RESEARCH , published by the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE ), Athens: Greece. Vol. 110, No A (Spring) 2003, pp. 320.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers and Book Chapters

E. Tastsoglou,  Dobrowolsky, A. and Cottrell, B. “At Home Down East? Immigration, Integration and Belonging in Atlantic Canada”. In E. Tastsoglou, A. Dobrowolsky,  B. Cottrell, eds. The Warmth of the Welcome. Is Atlantic Canada a Home Away from Home for Immigrants? Sydney, N.S.: Cape Breton University Press, 2015, pp. 1-36.

E. Tastsoglou, Cottrell, B., Jaya, P. “Women, Immigration and Violence: Focusing on Atlantic Canada,” in E. Tastsoglou, A. Dobrowolsky, B. Cottrell, eds. The Warmth of the Welcome. Is Atlantic Canada a Home Away from Home for Immigrants? Sydney, N.S.: Cape Breton University Press, 2015, pp. 106-135.

Tastsoglou, E. and Sandy Petrinioti, “Multiculturalism and the Forging of Identities by Lebanese Origin Youth in Halifax” Chapter in the volume edited by Lloyd Wong and Shibao Guo Multiculturalism in Canada: Theories, Policy and Debates. Sense Publishers, 2015.

Tastsoglou, Evangelia, Baillie-Abidi, Catherine, Brigham, Susan and Lange, Elizabeth  “(En)Gendering Vulnerability: Immigrant Service Providers’ Perceptions of Needs, Policies and Practices Related to Gender and Women Refugee Claimants in Atlantic Canada”, Refuge: Canada’s Journal of Refugees, Vol. 30.2, November 2014.

Evangelia Tastsoglou and Sandy Petrinioti, “Multiculturalism as Part of the Lived Experience of the “Second Generation”? Forging Identities by Lebanese-Origin Youth in Halifax”, CANADIAN ETHNIC STUDIES Journal, Vol. 43, No 1/2 (2011), pp. 175-196.

A. Dobrowolsky and E. Tastsoglou, “Continuity and Change in Immigration Policy: Canada, Atlantic Canada and the Future of Citizenship”, SHAPING AN AGENDA FOR ATLANTIC CANADA, edited by John Reed and Donald Savoie. Halifax: Fernwood, 2011, pp. 263-292.

E. Tastsoglou, “Women, Gender and Immigration: Focusing on Atlantic Canada”, in E. Tastsoglou and Peruvemba, J., eds., IMMIGRANT WOMEN IN ATLANTIC CANADA. CHALLENGES, NEGOTIATIONS, RE-CONSTRUCTIONS. Canadian Scholars / Women's Press, 2011, pp. 1-52.

E. Tastsoglou, “Less-Preferred Workers and Citizens in the Making: The Case of Greek Domestic Women in Canada in the 1950s and 1960s” in THE CONTOURS OF CITIZENSHIP. WOMEN, DIVERSITY AND PRACTICES OF CITIZENSHIP edited by Margaret Abraham, Esther Chow, Laura Maratou-Alipranti and Evangelia Tastsoglou (alphabetical order). Ashgate, 2010, pp. 23-40.

M. Abraham, E. Chow, L. Maratou - Alipranti, E. Tastsoglou (alphabetical order), “Re-Thinking Citizenship with Women in Focus”, in THE CONTOURS OF CITIZENSHIP. WOMEN, DIVERSITY AND PRACTICES OF CITIZENSHIP edited by Margaret Abraham, Esther Chow, Laura Maratou-Alipranti and Evangelia Tastsoglou (alphabetical order). Ashgate, 2010, pp. 1-21.

B. Cottrell, E. Tastsoglou, C. C. Moncayo, “Violence in Immigrant Families in Halifax” in RACIALIZED MIGRANT WOMEN IN CANADA. ESSAYS ON HEALTH, VIOLENCE AND EQUITY, Vijay Agnew (editor), Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2009, pp. 70-94.

E. Tastsoglou, “En/Gendering the Greek Diaspora: Theoretical  and Historical Considerations” book chapter in E. Tastsoglou (editor) WOMEN, GENDER AND DIASPORIC LIVES: LABOR, COMMUNITY AND IDENTITY IN GREEK MIGRATIONS.  Lanham, M.D.: Lexington Books 2009, pp. 1-29.

E. Tastsoglou, “The Temptations of New Surroundings: Family, State, and Transnational Gender Politics in the Movement of Greek Domestic Workers in Canada in the 1950s and 1960s,”  in E. Tastsoglou (editor)  WOMEN, GENDER AND DIASPORIC LIVES: LABOR, COMMUNITY AND IDENTITY IN  GREEK MIGRATIONS, Lanham, M.D.: Lexington Books, 2009, pp. 81-114.  

M. Byers, E. Tastsoglou. “Negotiating Ethno-Cultural Identity: The Experience of Greek and Jewish Youth in Halifax.” Paper in CANADIAN ETHNIC STUDIES (Vol. 40, No. 2, 2008, pp. 5-34). Authors listed in alphabetical order.

E. Tastsoglou and V. Preston. “Gender, Immigration and Employment Integration: Where We Are and What We Still Need to Know” Emigration. Economic Implications , edited by T.R. Shastri, Hyderabad, India: The Icfai University Press, 2007, pp.138-154.

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E. Tastsoglou, V. Preston: "Gender, Immigration and Labour Market Integration: Where We Are and What We Still Need to Know‌" ATLANTIS: A WOMEN'S STUDIES JOURNAL. Vol. 30.1 (Fall) 2005. Re-printed in POLICY MATTERS, A CERIS publication (Toronto Metropolis Centre of Excellence).

E. Tastsoglou, B. Miedema; "Working Much Harder and Always Having to Prove Yourself': Immigrant Women's Labour Force Experiences in the Canadian Maritimes‌, in GENDER REALITIES: LOCAL AND GLOBAL, edited by Marcia Texler Segal and Vasilikie Demos, special volume of ADVANCES IN GENDER RESEARCH, Elsevier / JAI Press, 2005, Vol. 9, pp. 201-233.

E. Tastsoglou, J. Hadjicostandi: "Never Outside the Labour Market but Always Outsiders: Female Migrant Workers in Greece," special issue on GENDER AND INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION: FOCUS ON GREECE‌ of the GREEK REVIEW OF SOCIAL RESEARCH , edited by E. Tastsoglou and L. Maratou-Alipranti, published by the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), Athens: Greece. Vol. 110, No A (Spring) 2003, pp. 189-220.

E. Tastsoglou, L. Maratou-Alipranti: "Gender and International Migration: Conceptual, Substantive and Methodological Issues", in GENDER AND INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION: FOCUS ON GREECE of the GREEK REVIEW OF SOCIAL RESEARCH‌, published by the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), Athens: Greece. Vol. 110, No A (Spring) 2003, pp. 5-22.

E. Tastsoglou, B. Miedema: "Immigrant Women and Community Development in the Canadian Maritimes: Outsiders Within?‌",  THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY, 28(2), June 2003.

E. Tastsoglou and M. Welton: "Building a Culture of Peace: An Interview with Muriel Duckworth and Betty Peterson"CANADIAN WOMAN STUDIES , Vol. 22, No 2, Spring 2003, pp. 115-121. Reprinted‌ in Andrea Medovarski and Brenda Cranney (eds.), CANADIAN WOMAN STUDIES. AN INTRODUCTORY READER. Toronto: Inanna Publications, 2006, pp. 605-614.

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S. Bell, M. Morrow, E. Tastsoglou: "Teaching in Environments of Resistance: Toward a Critical, Feminist and Anti-Racist Pedagogy‌", in MEETING THE CHALLENGE: INNOVATIVE FEMINIST PEDAGOGIES IN ACTION, edited by Maralee Mayberry and Ellen Cronan Rose (Routledge, 1999, pp. 23-47).

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Policy Publications

Brigham, Susan, Baillie-Abidi, Catherine, Tastsoglou, Evangelia and Lange, Elizabeth. “Informal Adult Learning and Emotion Work of Service Providers of Refugee Claimants”, in Special Issue on Transnational Migration, Social Inclusion and Adult Education of the journal New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, No 146, 2015, pp. 29-40.

Tastsoglou, Evangelia and Alexandra Dobrowolsky, "Gender, Migration and Diversity/Immigrant Women" Domain, Final Report, May 2013, 63 p.

Catherine Baille Abidi, Evangelia Tastsoglou, Susan Brigham, Elizabeth Lange, "Refugee Claimant Service Providers: Negotiating Shifting Policies, Practices and Perceptions in Atlantic Canada". Working paper #50, Atlantic Metropolis Centre (, 71 p. (May 2013).

A. Dobrowolsky, E. Tastsoglou. “Women, Gender and Networks”, in OUR DIVERSE CITIES, Number 5, Spring 2008, pp. 80-83 (listing of authors in alphabetical order).

E. Tastsoglou, “Gender, Security and Immigration in Atlantic Canada. Policy Implications”, in OUR DIVERSE CITIES, Number 5, Spring 2008, pp. 149-154.

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Strategic Workshop on Immigrant Women Making Place in Canadian Cities (2002) Policy-Relevant Research on Immigration and Settlement - Relevant for Whom? A Working Document . Montreal: INRS Urbanisation, Culture et Societe, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, and Immigration et Metropoles. [Workshop members: D. Rose (coordinator), J. Bernhard, C. Creese, I. Dyck, L. Goldring, A. McLaren, C. Nolin, V. Preston, B. Ray, E. Tastsoglou].

E. Tastsoglou: "Re-appraising Immigration and Identities: A Synthesis and Directions for Future Research", 67pp, document commissioned by the Department of Canadian Heritage (April 2001) and presented at the Ethnocultural, Racial, Linguistic and Religious Diversity and Identity Seminar (Halifax, November 1-2, 2001). The paper appears at the Metropolis Web site at 
French translation appears as: E. Tastsoglou: "Réévaluation de l'immigration et des identités: synthèse et orientation future de la recherche", 75pp. Travail commandé par le ministère du Patrimoine canadien pour le Séminaire d'identité et de diversité ethnoculturelles, raciales, religieuses et linguistiques, Halifax (Nouvelle-Écosse) 1-2 Novembre 2001.

E. Tastsoglou, B. Miedema: IMMIGRANT WOMEN ORGANIZING FOR CHANGE: INTEGRATION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BY IMMIGRANT WOMEN IN THE MARITIMES‌. Final Report to the Prairie Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Integration , June 2000, 91p.

Book Reviews

E. Tastsoglou, Review of Situating “Race” and Racisms in Space, Time, and Theory. Critical Essays for Activists and Scholars‌, edited by Jo-Anne Lee and John Lutz (McGill-Queens University Press, 2005). In: DIRECTIONS (journal of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation), Vol. 3, No 2, Fall 2006, pp.33-38 (in English and French).

E. Tastsoglou, "Review of Joane Nagel, Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality: Intimate Intersections, Forbidden Frontiers." CANADIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY ONLINE, May - June, 2004.


E. Tastsoglou, E. Milios: Book Review of NETWORK AND NETPLAY. VIRTUAL GROUPS ON THE INTERNET‌(ed. by Fay Sudweeks, Margaret McLaughlin and Sheizaf Rafaeli) in SOCIAL SCIENCE COMPUTER REVIEW, Spring 2000, Vol. 18, Number 1, pp. 106-112.

E. Tastsoglou: Book review of AMERICAN APHRODITE: BECOMING FEMALE IN GREEK AMERICA‌ (by Constance Callinicos), in CANADIAN WOMAN STUDIES, Summer 1992 issue, pp. 106-107.

Recently Supervised Graduate Theses

  1. Golsa Kalifi (M.A., WGST). Thesis title:  “Integration Experiences,  Identity Formation, and Sense of Home  and Belonging: Iranian Female and Male Newcomer Youth in Halifax.”  Defended successfully on July 18, 2013.
  2. Serperi Sevgur (MA, IDS, Dalhousie University). Thesis entitled: “Networking, Belonging and Identity: Highly Skilled Turkish Professionals in Halifax and Toronto”. Defended successfully on April 2, 2012.
  3. Carly Rose Pender (MA, IDS, Dalhousie): co-supervision  (Dalhousie University). Thesis entitled: "Day by day, day by day”: A Study of Immigrant Women’s Entrepreneurship and Settlement in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Defended successfully on June 19, 2012.
  4. Julia Knight (MA, IDST, SMU):  Thesis entitled:  “Women’s Transnational Migration and Global Care Chains: The Impact of Nicaraguan  Women’s Migration to Costa Rica on their Families and Communities of Origin.” Defended  successfully  on August 20, 2012.
  5. Wendy Robinson (Inter-University MA in Women and Gender Studies): Co-supervisor. Thesis Entitled: Participation Engendering Belonging: Formal and Informal Politics by Immigrants Living in Metro Halifax.  Successfully defended on August 11, 2010. 
  6.  Maxroxas Tubo (MA, IDST SMU). Thesis entitled: Transnational Social Networks and Development: A Case Study of Filipino Nurses in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Successfully defended on May 18, 2010.
  7. Nanok Cha (Inter-University MA in Women and Gender Studies). Thesis Entitled: "Korean Immigrant Women's Lived Experiences in Halifax:  Challenging Gender Relations in the Family, Work and Community". Defended successfully on March 30, 2009. 
  8. Lori Root (Inter-University MA in Women and Gender Studies). Thesis Entitled: "'Even If I am Lost, I Know How to Find My Way': Exploring the Lived Experiences of Filipina Caregivers".   Defended successfully on November 4, 2008.  
  9. Jessica Chubb (MA, IDST, SMU). Thesis Entitled: "The Gendered Touch: Women's Agency in Security and Peacebuilding in Sierra Leone".  Defended successfully on November 26, 2008.   
  10.  Katharine Laurie (MA, IDST, SMU). Thesis Entitled: "Gender and Transnational Migration: Tracing the Impacts 'Home'". Defended successfully on December 10, 2007.  
  11. Maria Yax (Inter-University MA in Women and Gender Studies). Thesis Entitled: "A Balancing Act: The Cultural Choices and Processes of Cross-Cultural Mothering". Successfully defended on October. 22, 2007. 

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