Department of Modern Languages & Classics

Dr. Jean-Jacques Defert

Dr. Jean-Jacques Defert is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. Before joining Saint Mary’s University, he completed a PhD in Francophone Literatures and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Upon graduation, he worked for a year as a full time lecturer at Campus Saint Jean (UofA), as an Assistant Professor in the Department of French at Dalhousie University and as an Instructor of French at the University of British Columbia.

In his initial area of expertise, Dr. Defert’s archaeological work on nineteenth century modes of representation has led to the publication of articles in cultural history and 19th century literature.
His current research interests lie in contemporary topics related to the sociology and history of immigration as well as migrant literature, which include theories of complexity, hybrid identities, acculturation processes, cultural policy and cultural management, intercultural competence and communication.

As a member of GRITI, he conducted with Dr. Paul Dubé in 2010 and 2011 a research on the integration process of international students from Sub-Saharan francophone countries at Campus Saint-Jean (UofA) entitled “Parcours migratoire”.

He has been investigating literary and cinematographic narratives of illegal immigration in Europe with a focus on Maghreb populations. Of particular interest to him is the representation of the ghostly figure of the “harraga” in the media, the film industry and literature.

His published work includes a monograph, the co-edition of a collection of articles as well as articles. His work has appeared in several conference proceedings as well as the International Journal of Canadian Studies, the Presses de l’Université Laval (PUL), and Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

He has taught a variety of specialized courses (French Culture and Civilization, French 19th Century Literature, French 20th Century Literature, Intercultural Competence and Communication, Contemporary migration literature). In addition to teaching these thematic courses, he has taught a wide range of language courses at all levels. “In order to support and motivate students in the production of the language”, he says “I try to use authentic cultural materials linked to their own experience so as to engage them in the learning process either as members of the community, citizens of a country or global citizens”.

He developed a range of thematic and language courses with an experiential learning component to expand the language experience of the students beyond the four walls of the classroom and foster the development of their intercultural competences. He created and coordinated a French oral course with a Community Service Learning component which involved developing partnerships with a wide range of Francophone community organizations in Halifax where students contribute their time to specific projects (radio programs, cultural events, social services).

He also taught a course in Intercultural communication in which students had regular group discussions with French international informants in an attempt to evaluate cultural differences related to a variety of themes.

Service to the community

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Over the years he worked at Dalhousie University, he acquired a valuable administrative experience sitting on various boards and committees at the University and in the community.

He served as the CIC (Certificate in Intercultural Communication) Academic Advisor in 2013-2014. As the Academic Advisor, some of his responsibilities included promoting the program at the career fairs, advising students on their choice of courses, and coordinating the development of new contents.

He was an administrator on several boards and committees in the Francophone community (the Immigration Committee; the Board of Directors of the community radio station CKRH; the Board of Directors of the Conseil Communautaire du Grand Havre).

As a volunteer, he hosted a number of radio programs showcasing Francophone music and university scholars. He was also the president of the Festival des cultures francophones / Francofest between 2011 and 2015.

Selected publications and conferences


Dr. Jean-Jacques Defert Books, Publications

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-Book Reviews-

Review of “Tours et détours. Le mythe de Babel dans la littérature contemporaine”, Dalhousie French Studies, 2014.

Review of “Vers l’imaginaire migrant. La fiction narrative des écrivains immigrants francophones au Québec”, Dalhousie French Studies, 2013.


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Workshop in partnership with the International Centre at Dalhousie University, "Developing Intercultural competence with the Certificate of Intercultural Communication", October, 1st 2013.

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