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There are standard application forms for the majority of Entrance Awards and Returning Awards which can both be found on the Saint Mary's website. Certian awards require an additional application.

Some examples of the available awards are:

Mary Ann and Edward J. McBride Law Prize

Criteria: Graduating student majoring in Political Science, History, English, or Philosophy who has been accepted for entry into the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie or New Brunswick Law School with the highest academic standing.

Robin Rigby Trust

Criteria: Either current university students or recent university graduates (in their first 5 years post-degree, who are now either early-career university support staff/instructors, or affiliated with environmental or development-oriented non-governmental organizations)

The Linguistics Scholarship

Criteria: Awarded to full-time undergraduate student from Nova Scotia, majoring in Linguistics and enrolled in the second, third, or fourth year of Linguistics program at Saint Mary's.

The Archibald Seaman Family School

Critera: Awarded to full-time undergraduate student enrolled in the Faculty of Arts who has completed at least two years of study at Saint Mary's. Preference gived to applicants who demonstrate involvement in regular physical activities, which may include recreational sports and athletic activities outside the University.

Maritime Broadcasting System Awards

Criteria: Awarded to full-time students who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled in the Faculty of Arts majoring in Asian Studies, Canada Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology & Criminology, International Development Studies, English, or Modern Languages.

Jane Shaw Law Scholarship

Criteria: Awarded to Faculty of Arts students who demonstrate an interest in the arts. Must have completed 1 year at Saint Mary's.

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