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Higgins Lecture

As a professor of Polical Science, Donald Higgins carved out an international reputation as a respected scholar of Canadian local and urban politics. In 1989, the Saint Mary's Faculty Union established the Donald Higgins Memorial Fund to honour this remarkable person. The fund supports a graduate student in Atlantic Canada Studies and the Donald Higgins Lecture.

2016 Higgins Lecture

Dr. Jill Grant of Dalhousie University
Title: “Planning the Good Community: Reconsidering the way we Plan”

Abstract: Planners seek to create communities that can stand the test of time and that will be celebrated by future generations as “great places”. In contemporary practice, planners typically focus on increasing efficiency, connectivity, mixed use, density, diversity, and beauty. While those features contribute to creating good communities, planners sometimes find themselves accused of designing primarily for the needs of the 1%. As our cities become more unequal, less affordable, and subject to increasing rates of change, how should we be modifying the way we plan? What would it take to plan sustainable and socially just communities for all?

Date: Tuesday November 15, 2016
Time: 7:00pm Theatre B, Burke building

Donald Higgins Memorial Lecture

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1992    Viola Robinson (former President, Native Council of Canada) “Aboriginal Issues in Canada: The Royal Commission and Beyond”
1993    Evert Nieboer (McMaster University) “Environment and Health: An Integrated Perspective”
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1999    John Sewell (former Mayor of Toronto)
2000    David Pearson (Laurentian University) “A Tale of Two Cities”
2001    Margrit Kennedy (University of Hanover) “Money Rules the World:  Who Rules Money?”
2005    Robert G. Evans (University of British Columbia) “Can We Afford Medicare?”
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2009    Jeff Webb “The Voice of Newfoundland”
2011    Ian McKay (Queen’s University) "Pax Britannica and the White Man’s Burden: Is Canada Re-Embracing the Empire?"
2011    James Walker (University of Waterloo) “The Caribbean Connection: Canadian Immigration Policy, Caribbean Immigration, and Consequences for Nova Scotia"
2014    Mark McGowan (University of Toronto) “Beyond the Reel: The Irish Famine, Filmmakers and a Historian”
2016    Jill Grant (Dalhousie University) “Planning the Good Community: Reconsidering the way we Plan”