Department of Sociology & Criminology

Program Information


All students at Saint Mary's University are welcome to register for the Department of Sociology and Criminology's sequence of introductory courses, SOCI 1210.1(.2) and SOCI 1211.1(.2). These will satisfy the prerequisites for almost all 3000-level sociology courses. However, those students wishing to major in Sociology must follow a different path. After SOCI 1210.1(.2), they must take SOCI 1211.1(.2) - which also satisfies the prerequisites for almost all 3000-level courses. In addition, this gives students access to the required theory and methods courses at the 3000-level and the required 4000-level seminars. In addition, students who meet both University and Departmental requirements are invited to consider the Honors program.


The purpose of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, including the honours program, is to provide students with an opportunity for the focused, critical study of various forms of regulation, policing, punishment, justice, law, delinquency and misbehaviour. The development of a coherent program at the undergraduate level enables students to obtain a solid foundation in criminology for possible further study at the graduate level; for the pursuit of criminology-related disciplines; and careers in the areas of law, criminal justice administration, and related professions. A structured honours program is included for outstanding undergraduate students.

Academic Variety

The Department of Sociology and Criminology offers a wide variety of academic programs. To learn more about these programs, please visit the sections provided below:

  • Bachelor of Arts - Sociology (Major and Minor)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Criminology (Major only, no Minor)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Sociology (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Arts - Criminology (Honours)
  • Master of Arts - Criminology

Notes & Disclaimers

In any particular year or summer session, the Department of Sociology and Criminology has resources to offer only a portion of the courses listed in Saint Mary's University Academic Calendar. It is the student's responsibility to secure an up-to-date timetable prior to registering for any courses.