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PSYC 1200.1(2)WW - Introduction to Psychology (Group C)

Course Description:

A Survey of the science and application of psychology.
Note:  This course is recommended for students not planning a major in psychology.  It may be used to satisfy one quarter of Faculty of Arts' regulation 3d. Please note: that this course may not be used by S. Sc. Students to satisfy the requirement of a science elective under regulation 3.e, 6.e, 10.c, and 12.b for B. Sc. Students.




Title: The World of Psychology, 7th edition
Authors: Wood, Wood, Boyd, Wood & Desmarais
Publisher: Pearson

Required: MyPsyscLab - online supplement



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Delivery Mode: Class study online with weekly deadlines
Credits: 3 credit hours
Faculty: Science
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