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The 2002 - 2007 Academic Plan, approved by Senate in May 2002, guided academic development at Saint Mary's over the past five years. Academic planning, however, is a dynamic process, and it was time to update, refine and adjust the Academic Plan to meet changing circumstances, both inside and outside the University. Under the guidance of the Senate Academic Planning Committee, and following a process of consultation, a revised Academic Plan was drafted.

Members of the Saint Mary's community offered feedback on the draft revised plan at "town hall" meetings on November 19th and November 22nd, 2007 and those unable to attend were invited to submit written comments.  All feedback was considered by the Senate Academic Planning Committee when the draft Plan was revised for submission to Senate.

Engaging the Vision: Academic Plan, 2008 - 2011

Engaging the Vision: Shorter Version

Academic Plan: 2002-2007 and a Status Report on the implementation of that plan is also available.